What you need to know about the 5 common grout cleaning mistakes and how to fix them

Grout is a porous, white material applied to fill the spaces between tiles to hold them in place. However, over time, the accumulation of dirt and grime can cause the grout to become dirty and dingy. While there are different ways to achieve clean and sparkling grout, cleaning mistakes can damage your tiles and grout. Read here the common grout cleaning mistakes you may be making and learn valuable insights on avoiding them.

Using The Wire Brush

  • While grout forms a protective seal against various elements as it sets, this seal is not resistant to damage. Using a wire brush to clean your grout can easily strip away the protective seal, leaving the grout vulnerable to water penetration, unsightly stains, and mold growth.

If the brush is necessary, use one with plastic bristles. Several grout-friendly brushes are available in the market. Make a trip to your local hardware store to find a suitable brush and protect your grout from unnecessary harm.

Using Excessive Water

  • Another common mistake during DIY grout cleaning is the excessive use of water. Overusing water, combined with inadequate tools, can lead to issues. While it may seem convenient, excessive water weakens the adhesive beneath the tiles and gradually cause the grout to crumble. Using abrasive materials or scrubbing too vigorously can also contribute to grout damage.

Using Oil-Based Seals

  • Several grout cleaning products claim to provide sealing benefits while effectively cleaning the grout. However, many of these products are wax or oil-based cleaners that leave a waxy or oily residue that often causes more harm than good. It’s crucial to understand that constant grout sealing is not necessary.

Each time you clean the grout, you must remove the wax or oil-based sealer from the previous cleaning. In addition, the use of oil-based cleaning products on floor tiles can increase the risk of slips and accidents. Therefore, it is better to avoid using a cleaner or sealer; instead, opt for a professional tile and grout cleaning occasionally.

Cleaning Damaged Grout Before Repairing

  • Addressing any wear and tear on older grout before cleaning is essential. It is crucial to fix those issues if you notice chips, cracks, or sections where the grout is flaking away. Damaged areas can allow water to seep in, leading to prolonged moisture presence. This, in turn, promotes mold growth and accelerates decay by penetrating the layers of grout.

Consider hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service for exceptional cleaning without the risk of damage. Professionals are well-equipped to thoroughly clean and recolor to rejuvenate your home and ensure sparkling grout and tile surfaces.

Using Harsh Chemicals

  • common grout cleaning mistakesUsing harsh chemicals for grout cleaning is a common mistake that can lead to long-term damage and discoloration. Acidic or colored cleaning chemicals are damaging to the grout, as they make the grout more porous. As a result, it becomes more prone to collecting dirt and grime even faster.

Hiring professional grout cleaners helps you avoid damage as they use safe and effective cleaning methods. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals, professionals use steam cleaning systems to efficiently extract dirt and grime from grout without causing any harm. In addition, the steam cleaning method ensures thorough disinfection and leaves your grout clean and refreshed.

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