5 sneaky tricks to rearrange your furniture like a pro, while your carpets get pampered

Maintaining clean carpets contributes to a healthy home environment. However, protecting your furniture during the cleaning process is crucial. While certain carpet cleaning services offer furniture protection measures, not all do. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to take additional precautions to ensure the safety of your furniture and carpet. Here are the essential tips to help you rearrange and protect your furniture during carpet cleaning.

Tidy Up

  • While it might sound obvious, tidying up is a crucial step in preparing your home for carpet cleaning. Objects left on the floor can create indentations in the carpet and risk damage. Moreover, ensuring a clear space helps facilitate a quick cleaning process.

Since toys often find their way onto furniture, especially in households with children or pets, it’s advisable to keep them away from the carpets being cleaned. Some cleaning solutions may contain chemicals, so it’s safest to avoid rearranging furniture until a specified period has passed.

Rearrange Lighter Furniture

  • Rearranging lighter furniture before the cleaners arrive can ensure a quick cleaning process. Check with the carpet cleaning service to determine which furniture they typically handle, allowing you to relocate the remaining pieces. Whether or not you need to remove furniture during carpet cleaning depends on the size of the room. In large rooms, it’s advisable to relocate all small furniture to ensure thorough cleaning.

Smaller rooms may not require furniture removal, but if they are heavily furnished, moving furniture can aid in deep cleaning. When moving heavy furniture, take precautions by placing protective barriers underneath to prevent re-soiling from street shoes. Additionally, move any decorative items to facilitate effective vacuuming and removal of dirt and dust mites from the carpet. Before rearranging, carefully comb through the carpet to identify and remove any items that might be stuck, such as jewelry, bobby pins, or small toys.

Use Protective Coverings

  • If your furniture must remain in the room during the carpet cleaning process, consider covering its base. There are different types of tarps and protective coverings available, and as long as they are water-resistant, they can effectively protect your furniture during the cleaning process. Some carpet cleaning services may charge an additional fee for relocating furniture. It is important to ask this before finalizing your decision.

However, certain companies include this service in their standard offerings without an extra charge. Alternatively, you can personally move your furniture to facilitate the cleaning process. This proactive approach helps the cleaners access all carpet areas and also contributes to a smoother cleaning experience.

Utilize Foam Blocks Under Your Furniture

  • Whether provided by professional carpet cleaners or purchased independently, foam blocks play a crucial role in protecting furniture left in the room during carpet cleaning. Placing these foam blocks under your furniture helps elevate them above the ground, preventing potential damage from water or cleaning chemicals used during the carpet cleaning process.

Delay Putting Furniture Back

  • rearrange your furnitureAfter the professional carpet cleaning process, it is advisable to refrain from rearranging the furniture immediately. To ensure complete protection, allow the foam blocks and relocated furniture to remain undisturbed until the carpets are thoroughly dry.

Typically, it is recommended to leave the furniture in its adjusted state for a minimum of 24 hours, preserving the integrity of both the furniture and the freshly cleaned carpets. Consult with your carpet cleaning service to obtain specific guidelines and care tips after the cleaning process.

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