Learn 6 Recognized advantages of carpets from experts

advantages of carpetsCarpets have been in demand despite the availability of other floor covering options such as hardwood. Carpets are not just a luxury item that increases the visual appeal of your home, they have much practical value as well. Carpets act as shock absorbers. They have a nice comfy feel to them which makes walking over them an enjoyable experience. Carpets come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Whatever form they come in, we love them and cannot get enough of them.

Let us take a look at some proven benefits of carpets and why to choose them over and again.

They Are Stylish

  • Hard surfaces such as tiles and hardwood are being featured by many interior design magazines. But this has not caused a dent in the popularity of carpets. The reason being that carpets have a style and grace of their own. They can brighten the outlook of the entire room and make it look elegant and grandiose. In short, carpets are stylish along with being comfortable.

They Act As Shock Absorbers

Walking on hard surfaces such as tiles or concrete can make our bodies sore and achy. The reason is that the force with which we walk across a surface is reciprocated and we feel a jolt in our body with every step that we take. Walking over a carpeted surface greatly reduces the reciprocal force. Carpets provide cushioning and act as shock absorbers. The force exerted by the floor is taken up by the carpet and is not transmitted to the body. This makes walking across carpets an enjoyable experience.

Carpets Provide Warmth and Insulation

  • Carpets act as insulators and trap heat inside the confined space. According to a study conducted on the insulation capacity of carpets, thicker carpets tend to have a higher insulation factor, irrespective of the carpet fiber used in their making. Padded carpets act as better insulators because the underpad also has an inherent insulation capacity.

The insulation capacity of carpets makes them an ideal choice for regions that experience extreme cold. Carpets help reduce energy consumption and can result in the enhanced energy efficiency of a facility.

The Muffle Noises

  • Sound carries much further when there is no carpet in the space. You’ve probably, at some point, been in a room that is bare of carpet and noticed that sound tended to bounce off the walls and create an echo in the room. This is because hard surfaces can’t absorb sound the way that soft surfaces – such as carpet – can. Carpet contributes to a much quieter space.

They Reduce The Risk of Injury

Hard surfaces are slippery specially when spilled with any liquid. They pose a greater risk of accidental falls and slips. Landing on hard surfaces can result in significant injury. Carpets are a much safer option as they reduce the chances of injury and reduce its impact. Carpets are particularly needed for children and elders’ rooms who are more prone to accidental falling and have mobility issues.

Not only rooms but stairs should also be carpeted to prevent accidents and safety hazards.

Healthier Indoor Environment

  • Carpets can lead to a healthier indoor environment as they have the ability to trap and retain airborne dust particles. These dust particles can then be removed through vacuum action. Carpets help deal with allergies and keep the indoor air cleaner.

However, carpets need to be deep-cleaned periodically otherwise they can do more harm than good. Consult Love Your Carpet. They provide professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas.

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