Do you need your carpet professionally cleaned? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait

Professional carpet cleaning involves an in-depth cleaning of carpets using different techniques and methods. This is a detailed process that removes all accumulated dirt, debris, stains, and pet dander from the carpet and makes it as clean as new. Experts recommend that high traffic carpets should be thoroughly cleaned twice a year while low traffic can be cleaned once a year.

Let us take a look at some valid reasons for getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

Prolongs The Life of Carpet

  • Most carpets will last somewhere between 5 to 15 years. Professional carpet cleaning improves the durability of the carpet and prolongs its life. The accumulation of dirt, debris, allergens, and pet dander not only poses a health hazard but also leads to the deterioration of carpet fibers. Hence it is important to get rid of these pollutants to prevent the destruction of carpet fibers. Another thing to remember is that dirt attracts more dirt. So a dirty carpet will accumulate\ more dirt compared to a clean carpet.

Hot water extraction is the most effective way to remove deeply embedded dust from carpets.

Contributes to a Healthier Environment

  • Most carpets have long and thick fibers. If not cleaned properly, over time dust particles and other pollutants become deeply embedded in these fibers. When some movement occurs over the carpet, the dust is released and it becomes suspended into the air. It enters the nasal and respiratory tracts through breathing action and causes allergy and multiple breathing issues.

Professional carpet cleaning ensures the complete removal of all embedded pollutants and as a result of which the indoor air quality is improved. Sanitization is also performed that kills bacteria and germs.

Removes Stubborn Stains

  • High traffic areas of the carpet are stained more often. Food and liquid spillovers, bathroom accidents by pets, and other stains caused due to children’s activities can leave deep imprints. These stubborn stains spoil the carpet’s appearance causing it to look much older and ragged.

Professional carpet cleaners use multiple technologies and effective detergents to remove all types of stains. A biyearly deep cleaning session maintains the looks of the carpet keeps it looking new for a long time.

No Residues Are Left

  • Carpet professionally cleanedTo save time and money, some people opt for DIY deep cleaning of the carpet. They do so by renting carpet cleaning machines and purchasing commonly available cleaning products. DIY deep cleaning removes pollutants and stains to some degree. However, the biggest downside is that the cleaning products are not removed completely and some reside is always left behind.

The residue then dries and leaves white flakes on the carpet. The chemical residue can spoil the color and leave a bad odor. Over time, it deteriorates the carpet’s fibers. Compared to that, professional carpet cleaning is much more effective and 100% removal of all residues is guaranteed.

Softens The Traffic Lane Effect

The traffic lane effect can be described as the faster deterioration of high traffic areas of the carpet such as hallways, kitchens and living rooms, etc. Due to increased activity, these parts of the carpet look more ragged compared to low traffic areas such as the part of the carpet that is placed under the bed or couch.

Professional carpet cleaning restores the appearance and color of high traffic areas and reduces the traffic lane effect. As a result, the carpet gets a more balanced and even appearance and looks as good as new.

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