Learn the 5 best practices for long-lasting carpets after a professional cleaning

Carpets are a valuable addition to any home. For one, they make the home look luxurious while adding warmth. However, occasional professional carpet is required to maintain their pristine condition. To ensure that your investment in carpet cleaning pays off, follow these tips to keep your carpets clean and well-maintained after a professional cleaning.

Keep Off The Wet carpet

  • The initial hours after a professional carpet cleaning service are vital. Keeping humans and animals off the newly cleaned carpet is imperative. Avoid walking on the carpet unless it is completely dry. Keep children away from the area as well. However, if walking on the carpet is unavoidable, consider wearing clean cotton socks or indoor slippers.

In addition, take advantage of warm air whenever possible to speed up the drying process. Carpet fibers tend to dry faster in warmer temperatures. If the weather is cold, turn up the heat and turn on a floor fan to promote circulation. But if the weather is warm, turn off your air conditioning, open the windows, and direct one or more fans toward the carpet. This will reduce the time it takes for the carpet to dry completely.

Avoid Moving Back The Furniture

  • Do not put the furniture back while the carpet is still drying. Resist the urge to move the furniture back to its original position immediately after cleaning. If professional carpet cleaners place anything underneath the furniture, wait to remove it until the carpet has dried completely.

Next, vacuum the carpet thoroughly after it has dried to remove any debris that may have accumulated on the surface. Once the carpet has dried completely, move your furniture back into place.

Apply A Carpet Protector Product

  • Applying a carpet protection product after a professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended by industry experts. The carpet protector product varies depending on the type of carpet you have. Using a carpet protector makes your newly cleaned carpet’s fibers less susceptible to dirt and stains.

In addition, this protection allows you to prolong the interval between professional carpet cleaning services. Consult your carpet cleaning professional for specific advice on the appropriate carpet protector.

Do Not Walk With Shoes On The Carpet

  • Once your carpet is dry and ready to be walked on, remember to take off your shoes. Shoes, particularly those with unusual tread patterns, can track in dust and dirt from outside. Even clean shoes can push dirt and debris further into the carpet fibers.

High heels can also leave significant marks on the carpet if they come into contact with dirt or other debris. Wearing clean socks is the ideal solution to keep your carpets dust-free. In addition, implementing a no-shoe policy for a certain period after a professional cleaning service can help maintain your carpets’ cleanliness for a longer period.

Keep An Eye On Your Pets

  • carpets after a professional cleaningIf you have pets in your home, keeping your carpets clean and free of stains can be a challenge. Any pet stains that occur should be quickly removed to prevent them from setting in. In addition, regular vacuuming at least twice a week can help to minimize the accumulation of pet hair and debris.

Pet claws can also cause damage to your carpets by snagging the fibers. To avoid this, it’s recommended that you regularly trim your pet’s claws and file them down to prevent them from catching on the carpet threads.

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