Here is a list of the best and worst carpets for pet owners

The softness of carpets is something that is loved by pets and humans alike. However, certain types of carpet fibers are more hazardous to pet health than others. In some cases, the difference comes down to the ease of cleaning. The major threat most pet owners have is that their pets get their hair on the carpets or have accidents on them.

Some carpets are better than others when it comes to having pets in the house. The most common pets to have issues with any type of flooring are cats and dogs. Other pets are usually less interactive with the floors of the house. Here are our best and worst carpets for pets.

Three Best Carpets For Pets

1.  Nylon Carpets

  • Nylon boasts dependable, powerful fibers and is resistant to sharp claws and odors of animals. It’s also stain-resistant, which is why people place them in hallways and other high-traffic areas, like entrances. Lastly, nylon resists mildew and soil. In short, this is the most ideal material all pet owners should look out for. It can handle anything you throw at the surface.

2.  Wool Carpets

  • Most pet owners don’t think that wool carpets are an option. However, the natural stain resistance and tight weave of wool speak volumes about reliability. Not to mention that it features a luxe feel. Wool carpets can be positioned anywhere in the home, irrespective of traffic and pets. This is the second-best option that should be considered by pet owners.

3.  Olefin Carpets

  • We know what you’re thinking. Olefin is usually seen outdoors instead of indoors. However, olefin carpets are slowly moving indoors with newly added advancements. These technological advancements make the olefin appear and touch like wool. Olefin is also naturally resistant to many stains such as pilling, mildew, water damage, and static. You can select from a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Three Worst Carpets For Pets

Berber Carpets

  • Berber carpets are looped carpets that are tufted. It’s made from the looped yard that is looped closer to the backing of the carpet and in a tighter sequence. They come in uniform level loops and multi-level loops.

These carpets are not ideal for pets as it is very easy for their nails to get caught up in the loops. Since these loops are very tightly bound, it increases the risk of nail breakage.

Frieze Carpets

  • carpets for pet ownersFrieze carpets are made from twisted piles of curly and thick yarn. These carpets are great for soundproofing and keeping the floors warm. They are held together by these twisted loops, creating a densely packed and soft carpet structure. However, due to their packed structure, they are hard to clean especially with pet fur getting stuck in the piles.

Shag Pile Carpets

  • Shag pile carpets may be soft to the touch and a great sensory experience for your pet, but they are one of the worst types of carpets for any species. This is because the long fibers tend to absorb accidents quicker, and can retain the pet’s smell for longer. It is also difficult to get pet hair and other particles out of these carpets.

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