Here are different carpet cleaning methods and how to determine the right one for your home

In the previous article, we discussed two common carpet cleaning methods. Let us continue exploring the different methods for cleaning carpets, their effectiveness, and pros and cons.

Dry Cleaning with Absorbent Powders

  • Dry cleaning is a low-moisture carpet cleaning method. In this method, a carpet cleaning powder with high absorbent capacity is sprinkled over the carpet. This method is also known as carpet absorbent cleaners. The carpet cleaning compound is sprinkled over the carpet and distributed with a machine. This is the first step of the treatment. The powder is allowed to set in the carpet fibers and attract dirt, debris, and soiling. The powder acts like little sponges that absorb the dirt particles that reside even in the deepest layers of the carpet.

For deeper penetration of the powder, a special machine with cylindrical brushes is used to lightly agitate the carpet fibers. Once the carpet has set in and completed its course of action, it is removed by vacuum.

  • Dry carpet cleaning is commonly used as a spot treatment for residential carpets but it can also be used for high traffic carpets, especially in commercial settings, that require frequent cleaning. It offers the following advantages:

The Good:

  • The carpet dries quickly because very little water is used
  • Less expensive than steam cleaning
  • The operational time is short and the treated areas are typically ready within 45 minutes of the process.

The Bad:

  • This method is not suitable for heavily soiled carpets. The cleaning powders cannot remove heavy spills or oils.
  • Some residual dust from the cleaning powder may be left behind which can be irritating for the residents.
  • The cleaning powder is not removed completely. This can lead to the gradual build-up of dust in the carpets.

Hot Water Extraction

different carpet cleaning methodsIt is one of the most effective cleaning methods that combines the power of pressure and energy of hot water. It is performed in the following way:

  • Water and cleaning detergent is mixed in the water compartment of the equipment and heated to form a hot mixture.
  • The hot liquid is sprayed at high pressure onto the carpet and especially at the stained spots.
  • A stain degreaser and carpet softener are also applied for further cleaning of the carpet.
  • After the liquid has set in and completed its course of action, the liquid and the grime are sucked using a vacuum cleaner.

The Good:

  • This method is highly efficient at removing stains, spills, soils, allergens, pet urine, and hair.
  • It kills disease-causing bacteria and reduces contamination effectively.
  • Very few chemicals and detergents are used in this method which makes it safe for pets, children, and the environment.
  • Hot water extraction is gentle on the carpet fibers and can be used for cleaning carpets made out of wool as well.
  • Little to no residue is left behind and carpets remain clean for a long time.

The Bad:

  • Can only be performed by an experienced operator.
  • The drying time for carpets is high. Carpets need 2 – 6 hours to dry completely.
  • If the residual liquid is not removed completely, the moisture can lead to the growth of mold, fungus, and odor-causing bacteria.

We have discussed a number of carpet cleaning methods that will give you squeaky clean carpets. For best results, call in the professionals and ask them to clean your carpets using specialized equipment. Love Your Carpet provides specialized carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas. Call us at 702-898-6070.

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