Is your dirty carpet making you sick? See the shocking truth below

dirty carpet making you sickThe quality of your health is determined by the environment you are surrounded by. Living in an unhygienic environment can cause you much harm. We all sweep and mop our homes in an attempt to keep our surroundings clean and healthy. But there is one household accessory that may be negating all your efforts to keep the home clean. We are talking about the regular carpets that are a part of almost all homes.

Carpets are made of thick fiber which can trap dust, pollutants, bacteria, microbes, and multiple allergens. Through dirty carpets, we are unknowingly inviting multiple diseases into our homes. Let us take a look at the multiple health risks dirty carpets pose.

Ailments of The Respiratory System

  • Carpets are magnets for certain pollutants such as mold, old skin, dust, and pet hair. They get buried in the deeper layers of the carpet but reappear on the surface and become airborne when carpets are vacuumed or they are walked over.

All these pollutants are irritants to the respiratory system. When we breathe the air filled with these pollutants, they irritate and inflame our nasal passages and cause coughing and sneezing. Dirty carpets can exacerbate the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. All in all, dirty carpets are a major contributor to the ailments of the respiratory system.


  • Dirty carpets can bring on allergy fits for those who are allergic to dust and molds. When these pollutants are released in the air, they tickle the nose and trigger an allergy attack. Your dirty carpet can be responsible for your morning sneezing fit or nasal drainage. Not just that, skin irritation, inflammation, and redness may also be caused due to ragweed and mold which infest the carpets due to poor cleaning.

Allergy-like symptoms can become particularly intense after vacuuming the carpet as the allergens are released in the air.

Dermatological Problems

  • When carpets remain uncleaned for longer durations, mold, yeast, and biofilm can start to grow deep inside them. When our skin comes in contact with these pollutants, it can become infected and irritated. Rashes, eczema, itchy skin, and rashes can be attributed to uncleaned carpets.

Immune System Can Become Overtime

Breathing in polluted air and being exposed to germs and bacteria can over time weaken the immune system. This is especially relevant for babies who have underdeveloped immune systems. Babies come more in contact with carpets as they are crawl and sit on them. Being surrounded by pollutants damages the immune system and babies may start to fall ill more often.

Home to Disease-Causing Pet Germs

  • Pets often urinate, defecate or vomit over carpets. If the mess is not cleaned properly, it can become entrenched in the carpet fibers. Bodily discharges from pets pose multiple health risks as they are loaded with bacteria. If these discharges are not deep cleaned, they will start to smell and will release irritating odors. These odors can irritate the lung and nose.

Vacuuming and blotting do not remove pet defecation completely. If you have indoor pets, you must get your carpets professionally cleaned every 4-8 months. Bodily discharges from pets can dampen your carpet which accelerates the growth of mold. Along with that, dogs and cats often carry ticks and fleas. These pests may transfer onto the carpets which may begin a tick infestation.

To get rid of all pet germs, deep and professional cleaning is a must. Contact Love Your Carpet. They provide professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas.

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