Here are 7 startling facts about dirty carpets

Carpets can hold as much dirt as their weight. They are also home to various viruses, insects, bacteria, dust mites, mold, and other living and nonliving organisms. All these germs can build up in carpets from fur, urine, food, or foot traffic.

So, if you want to maintain your carpets’ beauty and durability, you must get them cleaned regularly. Moreover, it also helps everyone stay healthy, whether it’s you, your kids, or your pets. But that’s not all; let us tell you more shocking facts about your dirty carpets.

Carpets Harbor Germs and Dirt

  • Have you ever looked at your dirty carpet closely? How long has it even been since you got it cleaned? Up close, dirty carpets can accommodate everything, be it small insects starting a new family or your dead skin and hair.

If not cleaned, all these pollutants will eventually multiply and make you and your loved one sick. Not only that, but it will also cause wear and tear on your lovely carpet.

Vacuuming is Not Enough

  • If you think vacuuming is sufficient to keep your carpet clean, then think again. A vacuum cleaner is only good for removing the top layer of dirt on the carpet. Proper deep cleaning requires professional carpet cleaners.

Health Hazard

  • Dirty carpets may trigger symptoms in patients with eczema, asthma, and rhinitis. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these diseases, if you disturb your carpet, you may start coughing and sneezing due to all the dust mites flying around.

So, before your carpets become a health risk, get them cleaned ASAP.

Home to Norovirus

  • Norovirus is a dangerous virus known to cause food poisoning and stomach sickness. Pets and kids become directly affected by it. The virus can live up to six weeks in your carpet, after which it becomes airborne.

Sounds scary. Keep your carpets clean if you want to avoid this.

Dirt Makes Your Carpets Old

  • Dirt built-up is the reason your carpet looks so old and ugly. Dirt wears out your carpets. And before you realize it, you may just need to throw the whole thing out.

Mold decomposes on your carpet and takes your carpet fibers along with it. If you don’t want to replace your carpet, it’s time to get it cleaned.

Disgusting Odor

  • Sometimes, returning home after a long day’s work may not seem as relaxing. Does your home have a pungent stench you can’t get rid of even after opening all the windows?

Did you ever consider your carpets to be the culprits behind this? Fluids, food droppings, and urine can cause a rotten smell in your carpets if not cleaned immediately. Regular cleaning keeps your home pleasant and habitable.

Dirtier than Your Toilet Seat

  • facts about dirty carpetsWhat is the dirtiest place you can think of in your home? Most would assume it’s your toilet. But what if we told you carpets are worse? You clean your toilet seat daily. Similarly, carpets need to be deep cleaned every month.

Regarding pathogen accumulation, carpets have the highest number of pathogens. So, keep your pets and kids away from them as much as possible, and never step on your carpets with your shoes on to prevent them from getting too dirty.


Maintaining your carpet’s cleanliness needs to be a top priority. We need to stop ignoring the fact that dirty carpets are not only bad for the beauty of our homes but for our family’s health as well.

It is time to call the pioneers within the carpet cleaning industry, Love Your Carpet in Las Vegas, to undo the dirty work for you. Get in touch today! For more information, call us at 702-898-6070.

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