Here are some quick facts about upholstery cleaning

Graceful furnishing and plush upholstery enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home. Keeping your upholstery clean is a process that requires more than occasional vacuuming. Otherwise, upholstered items start looking dull and gloomy. However, there are certain facts that you must keep in mind before you start cleaning. Read about them in this article.

Important Facts About Upholstery Cleaning

  • When cleaning upholstery, it is essential to consider the material of your upholstery and avoid mistakes that damage your upholstery. There are times when upholstery cleaning should not be ignored. Negligence could result in undesired consequences including complicated repairs and furniture replacement.

Here are some must-know facts that can help keep your upholstery in perfect condition.

Clean Your Newly Bought Upholstery

  • A brand new carpet or sofa may look perfectly clean and inviting but it requires thorough cleaning before you start using it. This is because the manufacturers use several chemicals on the upholstery when it leaves their place. The out-gassing process and chemicals can lead to severe allergic reactions in children, and pets, and cause unexplained headaches.

Therefore, when you bring new upholstery to your home it is crucial to thoroughly clean it. Complete cleaning of the new upholstered furniture can get rid of all the chemicals and keep you and your family safe. If you are confident about the proper cleaning procedure you can do it yourself otherwise call for professional help.

Do Not Allow The Liquid Spills To Soak In

  • If your pet has urinated on your upholstery or you have accidentally spilled wine over it, do not allow the liquid to sit and soak into the upholstery. If you let the liquid seep into the upholstery, it will reach deeper into the upholstery stuffing thereby worsening the situation. Once the spills reach the stuffing, the odor is hard to neutralize. You may be required to replace the upholstery stuffing to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

In addition, if you do not clean the spill immediately, it becomes more challenging to eliminate as it soaks in deeper and spreads through the furniture. Moreover, if you ignore the need for cleaning, you will soon have your lounge stinking like rotten eggs. When stains and spills become difficult for you to handle, call in professional upholstery cleaners who can deep clean your upholstery to ensure the material is clean and shiny again.

Clean According To The Material Of Your Upholstery

  • facts about upholstery cleaningUpholstered items are made with a wide range of materials and objects. The process of cleaning differs depending on the type of material used in the upholstered furniture. If you think all upholstery can be dealt with in the same way, then you are wrong. Upholstery material should be evaluated to select adequate cleaning agents and cleaning methods. Natural materials such as leather require particular attention and may need after-cleaning care to replenish the oils in the material.

For instance, a leather sofa needs to be cleaned with mild liquids followed by conditioning. On the other hand, a nylon fabric would do well with hard cleaning agents and does not require conditioning. Therefore, the cleaning methods differ for leather, nylon, and velvet upholstery. If you are not sure which cleaning method should be used for a particular material, call in the professionals.

A DIY upholstery cleaning may not always work. If you tried all the methods but nothing seems to work, it is best to call in the professionals. We at Love Your Carpet, are a highly experienced and qualified team of upholstery and carpet cleaners. We can help you remove any kind of stain. We are working in Las Vegas since 1996. Call us today at 702-898-6070 for a free quote.

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