Learn here what is flash flood and how to prepare your house for it

When it comes to flash floods and other natural disasters, nature often gives no warning. Flood alerts may help you save yourself and valuables but houses are always left behind. With proper attention and investment, you can prepare your house to withstand the damages of a flash flood so you can return to it faster once things have calmed down.

Although there are some important steps you can take after the house has been flooded, prevention is always the key. You should be prepared for anything and smart thinking is what makes a difference in such life and death situations.

What is a Flash Flood?

  • A flash flood is a sudden flood that comes by surprise, typically due to heavy rain. However, it can also be if a dam breaks down or some other unfortunate incident.

What Damages Does A House Sustain During A Food?

  • A sudden flood can cause permanent damage to the structure of a house and ruin its furniture and upholstery. Any electrical equipment is as good as gone if water gets into the power sockets.

You can also expect the house to be full of mud and sludge only to develop moss later on. Some of the most affected areas of the house are the basements and ground floors.

Ways To Prepare For A Flash Flood

  • Some of the best things you can do to prepare your house for a flash flood are as follows:

Install Elevated Electrical Components

  • When constructing a new house or having one renovated, opt for having elevated electrical components. The minimum height should be 12 inches from the usual level of water that enters the home after flooding. Not only are elevated electrical components easier to access but they do not get filled in with water as well.

Make Sure To Move Valuable Furniture To Upper Floors

  • As a general rule, in the rainy season, you should move your valuable furniture to the upper floors. This prevents them from soaking up too much water or being ruined completely. Upper floors usually suffer minimal damage when it comes to flash floods.

Water Proof Your Basement and House

  • Waterproofing is an investment that you won’t regret. Not only does it lessen the chances of water filling into your house but it protects your basement and the structure of the house. It also protects the walls from developing moss which can later become a serious health concern once you have moved back in.

Always Have A Flood Insurance

  • flash floodAnother investment that goes a long way is flood insurance. You can ensure your house and car against flooding to help cope with the damages and not face too much devastation in the aftermath. Make sure to look over your agreement clauses to see what is the level of coverage and what is included in the insurance.

Keep Emergency Supplies On Hand

  • Lastly, preparing a house also means having prepared inhabitants. Always have emergency supplies on hand in case you have to evacuate or be stranded on the upper floors. Food in solid containers should be placed in closets on the upper floors and you should always have an emergency bag ready.

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