Read and understand the advice for maintaining spotless kitchen grout

Does your kitchen seem unclean even after you’ve wiped it down and put away the clean dishes? Dirty grout may be the culprit behind this messy appearance. The appearance of dark black links between your kitchen floor tiles and your backsplash can kill the look of your beautiful kitchen.

And no matter how much you keep the countertops clean and the shelves organized, it just might not do the trick, which is why it is crucial to prevent kitchen grout from getting dirty. Read ahead to find out some incredible tips to keep prevent dirty grout.

Place Mats

  • Placing mats and padded carpets in the entryway is a great way to hold back all the dirt that can lead into the kitchen through foot traffic.  Ensure your carpets are clean because a dirty carpet can lead to soil build-up in the kitchen area.

Be mindful of where you stand for long periods because that can lead to grout wear out and dirt build-up. You can also place mats where you feel you stand for extended periods, such as in front of the sink or the stove. This will help in the maintenance of high-traffic areas.

Don’t let Water Build Up

  • Water is one of the worst enemies when it comes to dirty grout. You may not notice, to begin with, but if the water build-up is left unattended and uncared for, it can leave behind a coating of calcium and iron deposits.

Over time these deposits appear as brown stains on your tile and grout. Such hard water stains are also tough to get rid of.

Clean Spills Immediately

  • The kitchen and the dining area are not prone to food and drink spills. From dropping vegetable cuttings to spilling your special sauce, we have all kinds of incidents in the kitchen. Always have a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar ready to tackle these accidents. Whenever you drop something, please clean it up with kitchen paper, spray some solutions, and wipe it again.

Moreover, not cleaning spills can also lead to you walking over them, which can fill the grout. This can cause mold and dirty grout.

Keep the Backsplash Clean

  • While most people have a habit of cleaning the floors, some ignore their backsplash unless it becomes filthy. If left uncleaned, the grout can become moldy and build up grease from all the cooking.

Make it a habit to wipe down the backsplash as a part of your everyday cleaning routine.

Mop Everyday

  • kitchen groutWhen it comes to grout, you must keep it clean every day. Without regular cleaning, the grout can become moldy, and grease build-up will become apparent from all the cooking. Make sure not to use too much of a soapy solution when cleaning tiles and grout because that may cause it to appear dull.

Keeping it clean daily will keep the grout from becoming dirty. If you feel the grout is becoming too unpleasant, pick up a toothbrush and clean all the grout crevices using a grout cleaning solution. Your grout will appear much better after that.

Call the Experts

  • Sometimes a dirty grout situation may get out of hand. No matter how much elbow grease you use, you cannot make it look new again. Experts will be able to clean your grout, replace it with fresh grout mix, and do it without damaging or chipping your beautiful tiles.

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