A clean and fresh home: 6 proven tips to prevent mold growth on carpets

While mold growth anywhere in a home is a severe problem, carpet mold is bad news. Mold first appears on carpet backing and then spreads to the carpet fibers. Getting mold out of the backing and carpet is challenging. Therefore, we have listed pro tips that will help you prevent carpet mold in the first place.

Keep Humidity And Moisture In Check

  • Areas with excessive moisture and humidity serve as breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. In addition, homes with poor air circulation are particularly at risk of mold growth. Therefore, it is crucial to keep moisture and humidity levels in check.

One way to do so is by installing a dehumidifier during summer or changing seasons. Another alternative is to allow proper air circulation by leaving your windows open when necessary.

Opt For A Dry Spot Treatment

  • It is the first instinct to aggressively spray a spot or rub it with a wet rag when a spill occurs. However, excessive moisture can lead to mold growth. So instead, go for dry treatment to remove spills and stains whenever possible.

This can be done with the help of baking soda. But if liquid treatment is necessary, use a minimal amount of water and completely dry the area with a dry cloth or fan.

Install High-Quality Carpet Padding

  • Another pro tip to prevent carpet mold is using high-quality carpet padding. When the decision of carpet replacement is considered, go for high-quality carpets with anti-microbial characteristics.

In addition, installing carpet padding can also prevent mold growth from water seepage below the carpet fibers. This is especially beneficial if you live in areas with excessive humidity. While the initial cost of installing anti-microbial carpets and padding may be comparatively higher, this will prevent unwanted expenses later.

Prevent Water Damage

  • Adopt proactive measures to prevent your home and carpets from mold growth. Heavily or lightly soiled carpets lead to mold growth when subjected to moisture. When combined with dirt, high humidity provides an optimal environment for mold.

Clean your gutters, unclog downspouts and inspect your roof to find the causes of water leakage. Address the issues and make necessary repairs to prevent flooding and water damage. When your home is clean and dry, the risk of mold growth is reduced.

Keep Temperatures Lower

  • Temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit significantly contributes to mold growth in the carpet. However, the temperature can be kept stable with the help of portable or central air conditioning. This lowers the temperature and keeps humidity levels in check, limiting the chances of mold growth.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • Prevent mold growth on carpetsSometimes more than DIY cleaning is required, no matter how hard you try. This is especially true if your carpet hasn’t been professionally cleaned for a long duration. Humidity and dirt are the biggest culprits behind mold growth. The best solution to deal with this is to have your carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

Professional carpet cleaning prevents mold growth, extends the carpet’s life, and keeps it looking good. In addition, when a carpet is professionally cleaned, it resists mold growth even under humid conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a reputable carpet cleaning company annually for thorough carpet cleaning.

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