Here is a complete guide to pro carpet cleaning methods

Professional carpet cleaners use a variety of carpet cleaning methods and techniques. To determine which way suits you, you must know what to expect from each process. For your understanding, we have put together a guide to professional carpet cleaning.

Method 1: Hot Water Extraction

  • The most common professional carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning, known as hot water extraction. This technique uses hot water at high pressure to penetrate the carpet fibers. This breaks down the layers of dirt and bacteria stored beneath the carpet fibers. The hot water is extracted from the carpet with the help of a vacuum.

The process of cleaning starts with the application of a cleaning agent onto the carpet. The cleaning agent is spread with a brush. Once the cleaning agent has done its work, hot water is used to wash out all the dirt. Steam cleaning takes an hour to clean. However, drying can take several hours, depending on the temperature and the carpet’s fabric.

Method 2: Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

  • Unlike steam cleaning, this method usually focuses on the carpet’s surface. In bonnet carpet cleaning, specialized machines equipped with a spinning pad are used. Soaked in the cleaning solution, the spinning pad removes the dirt and grime from the carpet, essentially polishing its surface. Bonnet cleaning is commonly utilized to spruce up mats in hotels and other commercial areas.

It is the fastest professional carpet cleaning method that leaves a noticeable difference in your carpet’s surface. However, bonnet cleaning is a quick fix instead of a long-lasting solution. Over time, the soil in the carpet’s layers rises back to the surface, eventually requiring deep cleaning.

Method 3: Carpet Shampooing

  • Carpet shampooing is the simplest and oldest carpet cleaning technique. It was popularly used for heavy-duty cleaning. In this method, a foaming substance is applied to the carpet with rotating brushes.

As the carpet shampoo dries, it binds with the dirt and pulls it out. Wet-vacuuming is used to extract the residue until the carpet is clean. It is an effective technique that removes all forms of dirt and grime from the carpet.

Method 4: Encapsulation

  • Encapsulation is a cleaning technique that utilizes synthetic foam detergent, which bubbles and expands on the carpet. As the foam is worked into the carpet via a brush machine, it crystalizes into a powder. In doing so, the foam detergent encapsulates the dirt present in the carpet. The powder and dirt are then extracted from the carpet by vacuuming.

Encapsulation is one of the most favored professional carpet cleaning methods because:

  • It does not leave any residue behind
  • It takes less time to dry
  • It uses less water and is eco-friendly

However, encapsulation is not ideal for heavily soiled carpets.

Method 5: Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • pro carpet cleaning methodsDry carpet cleaning is also known as absorbent compound cleaning. It uses an absorbent compound that binds to dirt and other substances in the carpet. A mechanical brush distributes the mixture into the dirty carpet fibers. The bio-degradable particles in the absorbent compound act like micro sponges and absorb dirt. The combination is left in the carpet for some time to allow the separation of filth from the carpet.

The absorbent compound and dirt particles are later removed from the carpet with the help of a professional-strength vacuum. This technique is ideal for those who want to avoid wet carpets. You can use your carpet immediately after it has been dry cleaned. Dry carpet cleaning is best for delicate carpets like jute, seagrass, and coir.

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