Here are 5 Quick and Fast Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods Explained by Experts

professional carpet cleaningCarpets are an important home accessory that requires special care and treatment every now and then. Vacuuming is the go-to method of keeping carpets clean but every 6-8 months your carpets need to be cleaned professionally and deeply. Reason? Carpets are magnets for dirt, dander, and stains. Ordinary vacuuming only removes the dirt from the top layer.

This is where deep and professional carpet cleaning comes into action. It removes the maximum amount of impurities while retaining the shape and structure of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning comprises multiple steps and principles to get the best results. So let us take a look at them.

Principles of Professional Carpet Cleaning

No. 1 – Removal of  Dry Dirt

  • The first step is to remove the dry dirt. This is usually done using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Both forward and backward motions are used to effectively remove the dry dirt. Ideally, the vacuum cleaner should use a powerhead for removing dry dust. The powerhead is accompanied by a brush at the top which takes its suction power from an electric motor. The motor-driven powerhead is very effective in removing dry dust particles.

The vacuum cleaner evens out the carpet from the areas which may have been crushed or matted due to excessive walking over them.

No. 2 – Suspending the Rigid Dirt

  • The second step involves the removal of suspended dirt which is usually stuck deep in the carpet fibers has not been removed by vacuum action. Suspended dirt is removed by subjecting the carpet to the dirt-removing chemicals. These chemicals are specially designed for separating the tangled dirt from the carpet fibers.

Care should be taken to use a chemical that is neither too strong to damage the carpet and nor too mild that it remains ineffective. A warmer solution of the cleaning detergent will provide more rapid action in suspending the particles. The chemical is scrubbed and agitated using a rotary scrubbing machine.

This ensures that the chemical is evenly distributed across the carpet which increases its effectiveness.

No. 3 – Suspended Dirt Removal

After the dirt has been suspended due to chemical activity, it needs to be removed. This can be done by:

  • Dry vacuuming
  • Wet-vacuuming
  • Hot water extraction or steam cleaning
  • Rinsing the carpet by immersing it in water
  • Dry cleaning

No. 4 – Carpet Grooming

Carpet grooming improves the look of the carpet. It is done over a wet carpet with the help of a brushed tool which is called a carpet rake. Carpet grooming performs the following functions:

  • Raking helps disappear marks left by tools such as cleaning wands on the carpets.
  • It helps evenly distribute protectors and deodorants on the carpets.
  • It helps in faster evaporation of water and chemical from the carpet which reduces the drying time.

No. 5 – Drying

This is the fifth and last step in professional carpet cleaning. This is usually done with the help of ceiling and extraction fans. Opening windows for promoting air circulation also helps. Drying the carpet before reusing is important because of the following reasons:

  • Wet carpets can become breeding spots for microbial activity which not only make them unhygienic but can make them smelly too.
  • The dyes from the colored fabric may start leaching.
  • Wet carpets attract dirt and retain stains faster.
  • The brown color from the jute at the back of the carpets can start to leach and stain the carpets by a process called wicking.

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