Find out what summer carpet problems are and how to solve them by reading the information below

During the summer families spend more time inside. So it is not the best time for carpets as it increases the risk of spills and stains that can leave your carpet dirty. Carpet problems specifically arise or worsen in the summer. This article discusses some of the common summer carpet problems. Continue reading to find out different ways to minimize these issues.

Buckling Of The Carpet

  • Wall-to-wall fitted carpets get ripples, especially during summer. The phenomenon in which carpets become loose and rise from the floor is known as carpet buckling. Carpet buckling can particularly occur in summer because of heat and humidity.

Other causes of carpet buckling include:

  • Poor installation of the carpet
  • Detachment of the secondary carpet backing
  • Dragging heavy items on the carpet
  • Buckling also occurs when the carpet gets drenched in water

Installing a dehumidifier or turning on the AC can help prevent carpet buckling. Hiring professional carpet cleaners for thorough cleaning and drying of the carpet can prevent more buckles from forming.

Unpleasant Odor Is A Very Common Summer Carpet Problem

  • Existing odors in the carpet are more intensified due to the heat and humidity of the summer. In addition, the accumulation of dust, pollen, dirt, and stains can further worsen the issue. It is not a good idea to use air fresheners to cover up the smell. Although they smell pleasant, air fresheners release chemicals that pollute the air and the carpet.

So instead of trying to mask the odor with air fresheners and other such products, it is better to eliminate the odors. This can be done by using adequate deodorizing products. It is advisable to keep these products on hand. The other thing you can do is hire professional carpet cleaners. The professional cleaning will leave your indoor environment smelling fresh.

Carpet Stains

  • Professional cleaners hear complaints of carpet stains often by the end of summer. Most often these are the stains that homeowners didn’t tend to clean immediately or couldn’t get out completely. When left untreated for a while, it becomes difficult to completely remove the stains.

DIY Cleaning

  • Professional carpet cleaners often advise their customers to blot the spills and stains immediately. The stains should not be rubbed. Instead, use a detergent for cleaning them. Once you are done, dab with a clean cloth. Baby wipes are also handy for a quick fix.

Make necessary preparations in advance. Stock up on carpet cleaners to keep your carpets, bright and clean all summer long. However, if you feel you can’t fix the problem on your own, you can always hire professionals for taking care of the job for you.

Exacerbating Allergies And Asthma

  • summer carpet problemsSpills, stains, dust, and the accumulation of pollutants in the carpet are detrimental to health. This is especially true if your family members suffer from asthma or allergies. As the weather gets warmer, allergies worsen. This happens because the pollens easily find their way into your carpet. Dust, mold, and bacteria are hidden between the carpet fibers. They make the situation worse by triggering allergies. Those who are sensitive to pollen suffer the most.

It is therefore essential to vacuum your carpets on regular basis. You can also look up some DIY carpet cleaning methods. Furthermore, it is good to have your carpets professionally cleaned once in a while. This can significantly reduce the risk of allergies and other health issues.

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