Here is a list of 5 amazing tips to keep your tiles clean and stain-free

Tiles are preferred as the choice of flooring because they are easier to maintain than wooden or marble floors. However, even with all of its benefits, it can be hard to clean a tile floor if you let stains stay for long.

Although many people prefer to have their tile floors professionally cleaned, you can do it yourself too. To help you keep your floors shiny, we bring insightful tips and suggestions that are tried and tested.

Is It Hard To Clean Tile Floors?

  • Tile floors are not very hard to clean as long as you keep the tile flooring well maintained. It becomes difficult to clean stains once they have been sitting for a long time and react with the surface of the tile. In most cases, if you’re using sealed tiles, the chances of staining are low. Unsealed tiles are difficult to clean and easily stain with regular pollutants.

The Most Difficult Stains To Clean

  • Some of the hardest stains to clean are hard water stains, wax stains, milk stains, and fruit juice or wine stains. If these are wiped clean as soon as you notice a spill, it will not make much of a difference. However, in the case that these stains are left uncleaned, they may harden and become resistant to cleaning products.

The Best Tile Cleaning Tips

  • To keep your tiles clean for longer, consider applying the following tips the next time you decide to clean the floors:

Sweep Your Floors Regularly

  • Sweeping the floors is a very important part of tile cleaning. Sweeping brushes away dirt and tiny particles that can stick to your floor and make it look dirty. Also, if you clean your floors with a wet mop or by washing without sweeping then they will dry with a dull glaze over them.

Use Damp Mops More Often

  • tiles clean and stain-freeDamp mops help clean tiles and remove tough stains. If tile floors are mopped regularly, they will not look dull in the long run. Similarly, using damp mops can protect your floors against stain build-up and maintain their shine. Make sure to use a mop that is damp and not wet. Wet mops will leave streaks and dry lines.

Don’t Let Soap Residue Dry On Tiles

  • If you are using soap to clean tiles, make sure to soak them up with a drying mop or towel. If you let soap residue dry on the tiles, it leaves stains. These can harden over time and become very difficult to clean. Always use liquid soap that is mixed in water to clean floors.

Make Use of Deep Cleaners And Spot Treatment

  • When there are certain areas with tough stains on them, you can make use of deep cleansers and spot treatment. Simply rub peroxide cleaner on the stain and scrub with a brush. This will help break down the stain buildup. Wear gloves when doing this to protect your hands.

Dry Your Floors Quickly After Wetting Them

  • If there’s any tip that you should not skip, it’s this one. Make sure to dry your floors quickly after wetting them. This is important as wet floors leave drying stains and these can resemble hard water stains if left untreated. You should always dry your floors when you mop them.

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