Revive your furniture – the ultimate guide to professional cleaning methods for different types of upholstery

Despite your best efforts in cleaning and maintaining your upholstery, accidents happen. Regular use of upholstered furniture results in the accumulation of dirt and dust, which leaves the fabric worn out and shabby. To maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your furniture, it is essential to learn how to clean and maintain it properly. Therefore, we have compiled a guide for effectively cleaning the most common types of upholstery.

Cleaning Different Upholstery Fabrics

  • To keep your upholstered furniture in top condition, it is essential to follow general guidelines exist. These include regular vacuuming to prevent dust from settling deep into the fabric and stuffing. In addition, spot treatment is the best way to remove spills and prevent them from becoming stubborn stains.

However, beyond these basic steps, it’s essential to recognize that different upholstery fabrics require specific care. Each fabric has its unique characteristics and requires a specific cleaning approach. You can avoid potential damage like shrinking or color bleeding by learning how to clean specific fabrics properly. This helps you achieve the best possible results when cleaning your furniture.

Synthetic Upholstery

  • Synthetic upholstery fabrics, like those made from acrylic, polyester, nylon, or olefin, are generally easier to clean. These materials are highly water resistant and can be cleaned with any water-based product. If your upholstery is removable, it can be washed in a washing machine.

However, it is always advisable to check the label on your furniture for specific treatment instructions or recommended cleaning products. If you are unsure what to do, it’s best to test any cleaning product on a small area to check for any signs of shrinkage or discoloration. If you observe these effects, stop using the product and try another furniture cleaning agent.

Natural Upholstery

  • Upholstery fabrics, such as cotton, wool, silk, velvet, or linen, are typically 100% natural fibers. Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural materials retain a lot of water, which makes wet cleaning unsuitable. However, steam cleaning can be a practical option. Unless the label advises otherwise, you can generally clean natural fabrics yourself.

When cleaning natural upholstery, it’s best to use water-based products, but be careful not to over-apply them. Too much moisture can cause shrinking or unsightly water rings. To avoid these issues, use a moderate cleaning solution and blot the fabric with a clean, dry cloth afterward.

Combined Upholstery

  • Many upholstery fabrics combine natural and synthetic fibers, with cotton or wool often blended 50/50 with synthetic threads. When dealing with blended fabrics, the safest option is to hire professional upholstery cleaners. Combined fabrics typically require special treatment to prevent shrinking or other damage unless the label specifies a DIY cleaning method.

Microfibre Upholstery

  • Microfiber upholstery is a popular option because it is both attractive and durable. To clean microfiber upholstery, scrubbing with a brush and vacuuming should be sufficient to remove dirt and debris. For spot cleaning, it is essential to check the manufacturer’s label for specific instructions on the best products to use for your microfiber upholstery.

Leather Upholstery

  • types of upholsteryLeather upholstery is generally easy to maintain, requiring only occasional wiping to remove dust and dirt and conditioning to keep it supple and smooth. However, hiring a professional company to treat the spot is best if you encounter a stain on your leather upholstery. Leather can be sensitive to specific cleaning agents, and improper cleaning can cause damage or discoloration.

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