Revealed – Why your grout is crumbling and what you can do about it

Grout was originally used as glue to adhere tiles in place. These days, grout does more than hold tiles together. It is used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a floor. However, unsightly and crumbling grout can make your home look untidy. Keep reading to learn the factors that cause your grout to crumble over time.

Exposure To Excessive Moisture

  • Moisture is one of the natural enemies of grout, causing it to become brittle and weak over time. Areas prone to high moisture, such as the kitchen and bathroom, are more susceptible to damage which causes the grout to crumble. The deterioration or crumbling of grout results in gaps in the grouted area, accumulating more dirt, grime, and moisture.

This exacerbates the problem and increases the risk of bacterial or mold growth. Hire professionals to perform the restoration work, including applying fresh grout. In addition, a grout seal can be applied to protect your grout against moisture and provide long-term protection.

Use Of Abrasive Cleaners

  • Another reason that causes the grout to become weak and crumble is the unnecessary use of chemical cleaners. Harsh abrasives and improper cleaning products can inflict significant damage to your grout. Regularly cleaning with bleach can cause long-term harm to your tiles and grout. Avoid using abrasive chemicals to clean your floors. Opt for non-chemical and homemade cleaning solutions to keep your floors clean.

However, if you have stubborn stains or if your grout has become dingy, hire professional tile and grout cleaning services to restore the pristine appearance of your floor. In addition to cleaning, professionals also recommend appropriate solutions to effectively clean your surfaces without harming the grout.

Poor Installation

  • Poor installation is another factor that can cause your grout to crumble and fail over time. If the mortar used for grout is not mixed correctly during the installation, grout becomes susceptible to problems. Since grout is a mixture of water and base material, it will not dry properly if not mixed in the proper ratio. This can result in powdery, soft grout that cannot effectively hold the stones or tiles together.

In addition, the issue can also occur if poor quality or expired grout is used. Using expired grout can lead to adhesion problems and similar issues. However, improperly installed grout cannot be repaired. To rectify the issue, replace the old grout with a properly mixed and applied grout.

Prevent Grout Crumbling

why your grout is crumblingFollow these preventive measures to prevent grout from crumbling and maintain the integrity of your grout.

  • Invest in good-quality grout designed for the specific application and suitable for the type of tiles or stones you use. High-quality grout is more durable and less prone to crumbling.
  • Excessive moisture is the primary cause of grout damage. Minimize moisture exposure in areas prone to water. Use proper ventilation and dry your floors properly after every cleaning session.
  • Harsh cleaning agents, such as bleach or abrasive chemicals, can damage grout over time. Opt for milder cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated for use on grout and tiles.
  • One of the most effective preventive measures is to have your grout sealed. Grout sealing provides a protective barrier that protects the grout from dirt, dust, and debris. In addition, it makes the grout more resistant to water damage and inhibits mold or mildew growth.
  • Regularly clean and maintain your grout to keep it in good condition.
  • Additionally, use soft brushes or sponges to avoid abrasive damage.
  • Promptly address any spills or stains to prevent them from penetrating the grout and causing long-term damage.

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