Here’s part 2 of our list of 7 undeniable benefits of carpets you must know

Carpets are essential household items that have been in place for centuries, and yet they have remained very much in style. Carpets not only offer much aesthetic value but they have multiple practical uses as well. Let us take a look at some of the benefits they offer which make carpets the preferred choice of flooring for 51% of Americans.

4) They Act As Insulators

  • Carpets trap in heat. This is particularly true for thicker carpets that have a higher density of fibers. The insulation factor of a carpet is determined by its ‘R-value’. Most carpets have an underpad that is made from foam, nylon, or fiber. The underpad also traps the heat of the atmosphere. Carpets act as insulators. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for people residing in cold areas. Due to the insulating ability of carpets, the need for indoor heating is reduced. This can result in a substantial reduction in electric bills.

5) They Are Comfortable To Walk On

  • Carpets are made from soft fibers that are comfortable to walk on. They also come with an underpadding which provides flexibility and a little space for the foot to sink in comfortably. Carpets act as shock absorbers. They reduce and soften the impact your body receives when you step on a floor. Contrary to that, hardwood floors hit hard when you walk over it because the force with which you place your foot is reverted back in an equal magnitude yet in an opposite direction.

Walking over carpets does not leave your body aching and sore. Rather it provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

6) They Provide An Extra Layer of Protection

what are benefits of carpetsCarpets add an extra layer of cushioning between the feet and the floor. Naked floors can be slippery especially if they are recently mopped or water is spilled over them. If a person slips on hard floors, the blow can be quite impactful and may cause injury. Carpets are safer because of the following reasons:

  • Carpets reduce the chances of an accidental slip or falling down.
  • Carpets provide a soft landing surface if a person falls on them. Hence, the impact of the injury is reduced.

Hence, carpets are the preferred and safer choice of flooring for those homes that have elders, children, or people with mobility issues. For extra protection, stairs can be carpeted as well.

7) In The Long Run, Carpets Cost Less

Several factors make carpets cheaper and more hassle-free when compared to solid hardwood and vinyl floors. These factors are:

  • For the installation of hardwood and vinyl floors, special requirements have to be met and alterations have to be made. These include meeting sub-floor requirements or coating the existing floor for newer installations.
  • For laying a carpet, the floor does not have to meet specific requirements and it can be installed over any surface, granted it fits in well.
  • The per-unit price of carpet is usually lesser than hardwood. There are certain exceptions, e.g. a woolen carpet will cost you a lot more, but ordinary carpets made from affordable materials are cheaper than hardwood.

A well-maintained and properly cleaned carpet will last you for decades. Hence it is important to get it professionally cleaned from time to time.

Carpets are an important yet high-maintenance household accessory that requires frequent cleaning. Love Your Carpets offer professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas. Call us at 702-898-6070 to get a free estimate of our services. We offer services in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

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