Here is part 1 of 7 undeniable benefits of carpets you must know

As per the findings of industry experts, 51 percent of households in the USA use carpets to cover and decorate their floors. Carpets hold a greater share of the market compared to other hard flooring options such as hardwood, tiles, or polished concrete. Carpets are versatile, durable, and comfortable. Along with that, they are beneficial for the indoor climate, make homes safer, and reduce the overall consumption of energy.

Let us take a look at the multiple advantages offered by carpets that make them immensely popular and sought-after by homeowners.

They Are Customizable

  • With the introduction of high-velocity dye-injection technology, carpet manufacturers can now create customized carpet designs at a low cost with greater efficiency. Carpets are available in multiple colors and designs that go hand in hand with a number of themes and settings. For a funky and fun setting, you can choose carpets made of vibrant colors and bolder patterns. For somber office settings, carpets with subdued subtle tones are more suitable.

Other floorings do not come with such a wide variety of options to choose from.

They Are Durable and Sustainable

  • 7 benefits of carpetsGood quality carpets are highly durable, granted they are well taken care of. They don’t need to be replaced often and with proper maintenance, they will last you for 10-15 years. Choose a carpet that adheres to the quality standards issued by The Carpet and Rug Institute. Professional installation of the carpet adds to its durability as well.

Since good-quality carpets don’t require frequent replacement, they don’t add much burden to the waste disposal system. Carpets that adhere to the cradle-to-cradle design are environmentally sustainable. The philosophy behind this system is that once the carpet completes its life, its different components are recycled and reused. Hence, waste generation is minimized and its ecological footprint is reduced.

They Contribute to A Healthier Indoor Climate

  • Most of us spend a major portion of our day indoors, be it at the office, school, or home. Hence it will not be an overstatement that the quality of indoor climate is even more important than the quality of the outdoor environment. A pollution-free indoor climate leads to healthier individuals and contributes to the general well-being of the residents.

However, certain culprits such as emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the buildings and dust and debris pollute the indoor environment. The presence of these pollutants in the air causes respiratory and skin problems.

  • Carpets can help reduce the quantity of these pollutants in the air. The long fibers of the carpets trap the allergens as they fall to the floor. Hence, their movement in the air is restricted and they cannot come in contact with humans. Regular vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning remove the trapped pollutants and result in a healthier indoor environment. Steam cleaning is also effective in removing pollutants that are trapped deep down the carpet fibers.

Scientific studies indicate that the quantity of dust, debris, and pollutants in carpeted rooms is 50% less than in those areas which use other hard floorings such as vinyl. Therefore with carpets in place, you can breathe in healthier indoor air.

Carpets are an important yet high-maintenance household accessory that requires frequent cleaning. Love Your Carpets offer professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas. Call us at 702-898-6070 to get a free estimate of our services. We offer services in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

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