pros and cons of carpets

Before buying a carpet, you must know the following pros and cons of carpets

The type of flooring you choose for your home will define its aesthetics and its overall appeal. Different types of floorings suit the needs of different people. Carpets have always been a popular choice of flooring amongst most homeowners. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of flooring options to choose from such as hardwood, ceramic, Polypropylene, bamboo and wood, etc, but carpets have retained their popularity and have not gone out of fashion.

If you are moving into a new home, you may be contemplating carpeting your floor. Like other flooring options, carpeting has its pros and cons. A realistic decision will be made by evaluating those pros and cons. Let us take a look at some of the major pros and cons of carpeting to help you decide better.


They Provide Warmth

  • Carpets act as excellent insulators and are the most effective in trapping ambient heat compared to other flooring materials. If you are residing in a cold area or in an open floor plan home where a lot of heat is lost due to the home’s layout, then carpets will be an ideal choice for you. They will not only keep your homes warm but will also save your heating bills.

They Compliment Other Materials

  • Carpets can be used with other types of flooring options as well. For e.g. carpets can be laid on the bottom part of the stair riser even if the top area is made of wood. Small carpets can be placed in the middle of a room that is covered in tiles. Carpets work well with floorings made of stone and concrete as well.

Comfortable to Walk On

  • Carpets provide a relaxing and comfortable walking experience. Most carpets are installed with padding which provides an extra cushion and separates the carpet from the cold sub-floor. Carpets are ideal for babies, toddlers, and elders who require gentle and soft flooring. Injuries from accidental falls are less likely to occur in a carpeted room.

Carpets have multiple pros but they have their share of cons as well. Let us see what they are.


Prone to Staining

  • Carpets are made of dense fibers. Most carpets are made of superabsorbent material and whenever something is spilled on them, the fibers absorb the smell and a stain is left on them. Due to the high density of the fibers, the stain sets in deep and is difficult to remove. Stains are particularly prominent on lighter-colored carpets. On the contrary, wood floorings are easier to clean.

Not As Durable As Hardwood

  • The average life of a carpet is 5 to 15 years. Compared to hardwood, it has a shorter life and is not as durable. Carpet needs to be replaced more frequently compared to hardwood. Carpets also require more maintenance than hardwood and other flooring options.

Cannot Be Placed Everywhere in The Home

  • Carpets can only be laid at specific areas of the home such as dining, living, drawing room, study, and playroom to name a few. They are not universal and cannot be laid in kitchens and bathrooms. Some homeowners avoid carpets in the hallways as well. On the other hand, tiles and hardwood can be placed anywhere inside the home.

Carpets require frequent cleaning and maintenance. One of the best ways to maintain the upkeep of your carpet is by getting it professionally cleaned after every 6 to 12 months. Contact Love Your Carpets. They provide professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas.

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