Here are 5 benefits of professional carpet cleaning as explained by experts

benefits of professional carpet cleaning

Carpets have a strong central presence in a room. They are an important home accessory that not only adds grace to a room but has practical value as well. Carpets receive a lot of traffic which leads to the accumulation of dirt and debris. To maintain their longevity and to keep the environment hygienic, it is important to keep the carpets clean.

Regular vacuuming only cleans the top layer of the carpet. Over time, dust and debris accumulate at the bottom layers of the carpet. Our typical vacuums are not sufficient to remove the underlying dust and debris. Carpets require thorough deep cleaning after every 6-12 months, depending on the foot traffic the carpet is subjected to. Hence, it is important to make the carpet undergo professional cleaning every now and then.

Let us take a look at the multiple benefits of professional carpet cleaning and why it is important.

Increases the Life of The Carpet

  • Professional cleaning can add a couple of years to your carpet’s life and help retain its gleam. When dust, allergens, and debris remain embedded in the carpet, they cause the fibers to deteriorate and degenerate. Professional cleaning removes accumulated dust and debris from the carpet. Subjecting the carpets to frequent deep cleaning sessions will prevent the deterioration of the carpet and increase its life.

Hot water extraction effectively removes all accumulated impurities from the carpets. This method is often employed by professional carpet cleaners to make the carpets squeaky clean again.

Contributes to A Hygenic Environment

Carpets are magnets for dust and debris. They are quite sneaky in the sense that they can effectively hide layers of debris underneath the fibers. Accumulation of dust, allergens, pet dander and odor make the carpets breeding grounds for all types of bacteria. Unwashed carpets can be a health hazard, especially for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory diseases.

Professional deep cleaning gets rid of all the pollutants which may contribute to an unsanitary environment.

Gets Rid of All Kinds of Stains

Carpets are prone to getting spills and stains, despite taking precautionary measures. As time passes, these stains start to deepen. Professional carpet cleaning helps get rid of tough and stubborn stains which may not be removed through blotting, scrubbing, and vacuuming.

Hot water extraction is effective in removing the following deep-set stains:

  • Red wine
  • Coffee spills
  • Ink
  • Mud
  • Food stains

Professional carpet cleaning will make your carpet sparkle again.

Counters The Traffic Lane Effect

  • Some patches of the carpet receive higher traffic than the rest. These high traffic areas usually include hallways, kitchens, living rooms, and doorways, etc. Because they are high-traveled areas, they receive more dirt and debris than the rest of the carpet.

They start to deteriorate faster than the rest of the carpet. High traffic areas are often of a darker shade than the rest of the carpet. This is not only visually unpleasant but is an indicator of an unwashed carpet.

  • Professional carpet cleaners know how to take care of these problematic traffic lane areas. Biannual deep carpet cleaning will make sure that your carpet will have a uniform and an overall clean look.

Improves The Overall Look of The Room

Professional cleaning not only improves the look of the carpet but also restores the grace and appeal of the room in which the carpet is placed. Worn out and dirty carpets can make the room appear shabby and untidy. Hence, it is important to keep the carpet clean to enhance the elegance of the room.

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