Before buying a carpet you must know the following facts

Carpets are a prominent and significant part of your home. Depending upon the quality and making, they can be quite expensive. Hence, before buying a carpet you should take into account multiple factors that make it an ideal fit for your home. Remember that not all carpets are created equally and they don’t serve the same purpose. To make the most appropriate choice, weigh your carpet against the following parameters:

Choose a Room-Specific Carpet

Before choosing a carpet, first, consider the room you plan on carpeting. Weighing the following factors will help you make the correct decision:

  • How much the room is used and how much traffic will it get?
  • Is the room accessible to pets and kids?
  • What is the aura of the room? Grandiose? Formal? Informal? Vibrant? Solemn?

By analyzing these factors, it is safe to say that carpets cannot be treated as a one fit all solution. The most appropriate carpet for a study will not look good in a family room or a basement. The family room is exposed to much higher traffic and is accessed by all members of the family. The carpet you lay in the family room should have a more neutral theme that goes with all holiday-specific decorations.

  • Study areas are accessed by a few adults of the home only. Drinking, eating, and playing are not allowed in these rooms. Hence you can lay a luxury carpet made from wool. To set the tone and theme of the study room, you can choose a carpet with bold color and pattern.

Likewise, the best carpet for stairs will be resistant to snagging, abrasion and dirt.

Carpet Piles

The pile height determines the durability and quality of the carpet. The pile height can be defined as the height of the carpet fibers. The backing is not included when measuring pile height. On the basis of pile height, carpets are classified as:

  • Low pile
  • Medium pile
  • High pile

Low Pile

  • As the name indicates, low pile carpets have short fibers. These carpets have a flat appearance with dense fibers. These carpets are the ideal choice for high-traffic areas as they are easy to clean. Due to the small length of the fibers, there isn’t much place for the dust to accumulate and hide. However, these carpets don’t stand out and have a very mediocre appearance.

Medium Pile

  • buying a carpetThese carpets have medium-length fibers. Due to the relatively longer fibers, the carpets are soft to touch and have a nice appearance. They accumulate more dust compared to low pile carpets, however, with a little effort, they can be cleaned. Medium pile carpets are the ideal choice for living rooms and bedrooms even though they receive high foot traffic and are accessed by children and pets. But the lush appearance of the carpets compensates for it.

High Pile

  • Carpets with long fibers are termed high pile carpets. They are luxurious carpets with a plush appearance and a soft fluffy feel. They are soft to walk on and are ideal for study rooms, dining areas, conference rooms, and guest rooms where you want to add and express warmth, flair, and luxury through your choice of carpets.

On the downside, the long fibers catch dust and debris and bury them deep inside. These carpets require more frequent cleaning. When a heavy object and furniture is placed on them, the fibers get crushed and hold impressions.

  • All carpets, irrespective of size, color, pile, and making need to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time. Love Your Carpets provide professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas and nearby areas. To get a free estimate of our services, call us at 702-898-6070.

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