Here is a comprehensive step-by-step carpet drying guide by pros

Carpets are a valuable investment that adds an element of beauty and comfort to any home. If you want your carpets to last for years, it is essential to learn the right ways to keep your carpets clean and dry at all times. Therefore, we have put together a step-by-step guide to DIY carpet drying.

Step 1

  • Spread towels over the wet area of the carpet. Walk back and forth over the toweled area until the towels are saturated with water. Replace the wet towels with dry ones in the same area. Repeat the process until the area is dry. It is important to check underneath the carpet to make sure the carpet padding and the floor are not wet.

Step 2

  • Move the furniture off the wet carpet to lift the carpet and check the padding and floor beneath. When your carpet becomes wet, remove the furniture quickly and get started on drying the carpet. If you leave the furniture on the wet carpet, water can damage the carpet, furniture, and flooring.

Step 3

  • Once you have moved the furniture, start removing as much water as you can. Several different ways can be used for removing the water and drying the carpet.

Wet Vacuuming

  • Rent a wet vacuum cleaner to remove the water from the carpet. Do not use a regular house vacuum as it is not designed to handle the water. Vacuum the carpet with a wet vacuum cleaner until there is no water left on the carpet. A wet vacuum cleaner is useful for efficiently removing water from the carpet.

However, it may not remove water from the padding. It is important to keep an eye on the fill tank of the vacuum. Make sure you empty the fill tank before it overflows. Depending on the amount of water your carpet has soaked in, you may have to dump the tank several times.

Hot Water Extraction Unit

  • Alternatively, a hot water extraction unit can be used for removing the water. Contact a local carpet cleaning company to see if you can rent their unit. A hot water extraction unit effectively removes water from the carpet.

Step 4

  • Carpet drying does not just end by getting rid of the water from the top of the carpet. Make sure that you get rid of the water along the floor and in the padding beneath the carpet. If you do not remove water from the floor, the floor might buckle. If you hear squishing sound while walking across the carpet, water is present underneath the carpet.

Step 5

  • Use pliers and a pair of work gloves to raise the carpet off the floor. Separate the carpet from the padding and the floor. It is necessary to dry the floor otherwise the water can damage the flooring. Fold the corner of the rug over to have a better look at the carpet pad.

Step 6

  • carpet drying guideIf the pad is a little damp while the subfloor seems dry, blow the air between the carpet and the padding. A dehumidifier can be used for this purpose. It can be easily rented from rental companies. You can also use a fan to blow air under the carpet onto the pad. Turn up the heat and open the windows to dry the carpet and the floor quickly.

Step 7

  • One of the best ways to dry a wet carpet is to hire professionals who know how to deal with it. If you can’t dry the carpet yourself, call in the professionals as soon as possible. This would help salvage as much of the carpet, floor, and padding as possible.

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