Learn here 5 DIY tips for dealing with water damaged carpets

One of the simplest yet worst ways to destroy a carpet is by spilling water over it. However, the damage caused by a water spillage or leak can be reversed in most cases. Read below to find out five practical tips for dealing with water-damaged carpets.

Causes of Water Damage To Carpets

  • The most common cause of water damage to a carpet is accidental spillage. In this case, the damage is localized to a specific area, and it can be fixed effectively in most cases. If the carpet appears wet and no spillage has occurred, it might be because of other less obvious reasons.

These include rain and snow, broken appliances, plumbing, and structural issues. It is important to know if this is the first episode of the incident or has happened more than once. This will help you determine the extent of damage and how fast you should act fast to fix it.

  • The appearance of a water stain also helps to understand what caused the water spillage. A splash indicates spillage. A widespread water-damaged area that is consistently growing and spreading outwards indicates a leak or seepage that is ongoing.

Tip # 1: Fix Leak Source

  • This first and the most important tip you will hear, especially from a professional carpet drying and flood restoration company, is to identify and fix the source of the leak. As mentioned above, if the carpet is wet due to a minor spillage, then it shouldn’t be a cause of worry.

water damaged carpets

However, if the water damage is due to another issue such as plumbing, structural, broken appliances, water seepage, rain, or snow, then fix that issue as soon as possible. Hiring a professional company to waterproof your house is a good idea. Fixing the issue at hand saves time and cost.

Tip # 2: Dry As Much As You Can

  • It is tough to deal with water-damaged carpets if they haven’t been dried properly. A carpet can only absorb a limited amount of water. Any excess water will appear on the carpet like a small puddle. Start dabbing the wet area with paper towels, sponges and towels. Take care not to rub but instead dab the affected area.

Get an industrial-grade high-power vacuum cleaner after drying up the carpet as much as possible. Usually, vacuum cleaners come with several attachments for better carpet cleaning. It is recommended not to use an ordinary vacuum cleaner as the water can damage it. Instead, use a dry vacuum cleaner as it will help you suck any remaining water, dust, and dirt particles from your carpet.

  • A DIY solution for drying your carpet is to sprinkle rice over the affected area. If left overnight, the rice will absorb moisture and water from your carpet. A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the carpet of rice particles.

In the end, use high-powered fans. While using such fans, it is important to keep windows open, so the air keeps flowing. The moisture from the carpets will evaporate as vapor, and the open windows will aid the drying process.

Tip #3: Clean and Sanitize

  • It is imperative to use a carpet cleaning liquid for sanitizing and cleaning your carpet. Most carpet cleaning liquids eliminate odors and reduce the probability of mold formation on your carpets.

Tip #4: Hang Carpets In The Sun

  • If you suspect that the carpet still retains some moisture, then it is advisable to hang it outside in the sun. The sunlight will help eliminate that last bit of moisture from your carpets.

Tip #5: Remove Damaged Carpet Piece

  • Sometimes the damaged area will have a faded or a changed appearance. In this case, the best practice is to remove the damaged carpet piece and replace it. Some homeowners buy a smaller mat and place it over the damaged area to hide it from sight.

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