Here is the difference between home and office carpets – Learn about the best carpets for office use

Offices are often busy places with people constantly on the move. Any carpet made for an office would need to be durable and sleek to fit the corporate aesthetic. Although business spaces have become quite modern, traditional carpet styles are still preferred amongst the business elite. With our blog, you’d know just the kind of carpet to get for your office.

Difference Between Home and Office Carpets

  • Although carpets are the preferred floor covering of choice for most people, there is a slight difference between carpets suitable for homes versus those for offices. You can easily use bold and colorful styles for your home as it’s acceptable to go over the top. However, traditional and simple styles are preferred for one’s office. In offices, usually, the carpet is laid near the sitting areas and not all over the flooring. This means it should match certain elements in the room, such as the furniture or walls.

Best Carpets For Office

  • Some carpets are good for the office due to their rigid structure and durability. Here are three of the best carpets for an office along with some reasons why you should pick them:

Nylon Carpet

  • Nylon carpets are one of the most aesthetically pleasing carpets in the market for an office space. They come in a variety of colors and designs to fit any type of color scheme. Since they are good for high-traffic areas, they can withstand the wear and tear of office rush. Also, due to their commercial marketing, they are stain-resistant for the most part and very easy to clean. The only difference is that it can be a costly investment that is worth every penny.

Olefin Carpet

  • Olefin carpets are on the softer side of most commercial carpet types, They are good for offices that have medium traffic and generally make a great centerpiece under a coffee table or sitting area. They are ‘solution dyed’ which makes them stain resistant for the most part. You do not have to worry about eating and drinking around such a carpet as it is easy to clean. Along with all these benefits, they are very affordable and you can easily find them in the design and color you’re looking for.

Tufted Carpet

  • carpets for office use Tufted carpets are carpets that have yarn fibers poking through the backing either through loops or cuts. These carpets are extremely durable and can withstand extremely high traffic areas. They are ideal for sitting areas or waiting rooms and can even be used for hallways. The general hard structure of tufted carpets makes them very durable. They are often available for professional designs and color schemes and are easy to afford.

Tips For Maintaining Office Carpets

Although office carpets are made to be durable, there are certain tips that you can consider to increase their life and keep them clean. These tips are:

  • If your carpet is the centerpiece in a sitting area, make sure the sofas have enough room for your feet to be on the ground and not the carpet.
  • Avoid putting carpets that are easy to stain in areas where people take their food and drink.
  • Place a welcome mat outside or just in front of your office door so that it can clean people’s shoes before they walk onto the carpet.

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