Read on for the 5 most important precautions to take before cleaning home carpets

Regular cleaning is crucial to keep your carpets in tip-top condition. Whether you are considering DIY carpet cleaning or hiring professionals to do the job for you, there are a few preparatory steps you need to take. Here are 5 factors to keep in mind before cleaning your carpets.

Move Furniture Out Of The Way

  • Cleaning becomes much easier when you have a clear space to work. Before starting the cleaning process, move potential trip hazards and bulky furniture out of the room to create a clear floor area. Take shoes, bags, and all sorts of clutter out of the area that needs to be cleaned. Relocate easy-to-move items such as side tables, chairs, ottomans, or other light pieces.

Although carpet cleaners are prepared to clean around the edges, the process will become much more efficient without extra furniture in the way. In addition, this provides more space for professionals to work.

Protect Your Belongings

  • Professional cleaning equipment is bulky and may come with large hoses. Cords and hoses could leave unsightly black marks on places they come in contact with. Therefore, it is wise to use good-quality painter’s tape or foam padding to protect baseboards, doorways, and corners. If you have delicate lamps, heirlooms, or anything breakable on display, relocate it. They can be accidentally knocked over during the cleaning process.

Hang Up The Drapes

  • If your curtains and drapes reach the floor, they will get wet and dangle on the damp floor. Hang your curtains up before you start cleaning to prevent damage from moisture and heavy-duty cleaning equipment. Get the fabric at least six inches above the ground either by pinning it up or tossing it over the curtain rods. If you have any upholstered furniture with skirts that touch the carpet, do the same or move it out of the room.

However, if you want to clean the whole area, take the curtains down and wash them. Most carpet cleaning equipment has attachments for cleaning carpets or upholstery. Call and check in with the professionals and inform them if you intend to get your curtains cleaned along with the carpets.

Keep Pets Away

  • Hair and fur from your furry friends can get everywhere and create a mess especially when the area is damp. If you are cleaning the carpets yourself or have called in the professionals, take your pets out of the room. This will prevent their hair from sticking to the wet carpets. In addition, pets may become afraid of strangers in your home or from the noises of carpet cleaning equipment.

Therefore, keeping your pets away from the area is a good idea. Moreover, houses with children usually have floors riddled with small toys, books, craft pieces, and more. There is a chance that these small items can get sucked away by the powerful suction of cleaning equipment. So take everything off the carpet.

Vacuum The Carpet

  • cleaning home carpetsAlthough not all carpet cleaners need you to vacuum the carpets first, it’s better to do it so they can get right down to the business. Vacuuming would allow you to pick up dirt particles or pet hair on the carpet. Slow vacuum strokes are helpful to remove the top layer of dirt and allow carpet cleaners to reach deeper into the carpet fibers and perform a thorough cleaning.

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