For a longer lifespan of your carpet avoid these following common carpet cleaning mistakes

common carpet cleaning mistakesCarpets are an expensive household item. A lot of time, effort, and energy go into choosing the carpet that best fits your room. Good quality carpets have a life of 10-15 years granted they are taken care of and are treated the right way. A lot of carpet owners make certain mistakes when cleaning the carpets which can damage their fibers and reduce their lifespan.

Let us take a look at the most common carpet cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them:

Vigorous Rubbing to Get The Stain Out

Whenever the carpet develops a stain due to spillover, most people panic and reach for a piece of cloth. They then vigorously rub the carpet to get the stain out. This does more harm than good due to the following reasons:

  • The stain gets deeper and spreads to the bottom of the carpet. The rubbing action pushes the stain molecules downwards and it can reach the base in no time.
  • The carpet fibers get damaged due to the vigorous rubbing action. The mechanical force from rubbing causes the fibers to become fray and they end up splitting.

The correct way to get the stain out is by blotting it with a clean soft cloth. Blotting absorbs much of the liquid and does not let the stain penetrate to the bottom level.

Not Using Rugs and Runners in High Traffic Areas

  • Some parts of the carpet receive more traffic than others. These parts are prone to faster wear and tear. They also get stained faster because most spills occur in this area. To protect these parts and to maintain an even tone of the carpet, it is important to use rugs, runners, and mats in high-traffic areas.

Not doing so and exposing high traffic areas to all kinds of pollutants and stains will cause faster deterioration of the carpet. Even if the rest of the carpet looks fine, you will have to replace your carpet sooner than you anticipated because high-traffic areas will look faded and worn out. These are the most exposed and prominent areas and they will dampen the overall appeal of your carpets.

Treating All Stains Equally and With The Same Product

Another mistake that most carpet owners make is that they treat all stains equally and usually with the same cleaning product, irrespective of their chemistry and nature. Using the wrong stain removal product can cause much harm. The choice of product depends upon two factors:

  • Carpet fiber material
  • Type of stain caused by the spillover

A hydrophobic stain caused by oil, grease, or petroleum cannot be treated with a water-soluble stain remover and vice versa. Consult your carpet manufacturer to know which products are safe for your carpet. Also, read the labels on the product carefully.

Being Lazy With Vacuuming

Make it a habit to vacuum at least once a week. Vacuuming less than that can cause a deep accumulation of dirt and debris. If you have pets or babies, then strive to vacuum twice a week. Some people get lazy and do not vacuum more than twice a month. They are deceived by the elusive nature of carpets. Carpets have the ability to hide dust and other contaminants under the dense and deep layers of fabric.

The truth is that carpets attract dust and debris every day. Frequent vacuuming not only keeps them hygienic but also gives them a fuller look.

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