Here are 3 tidy proven tips to keeping carpets clean explained by experts

tips to keeping  carpets cleanCarpets add grace and luster to a room. Because of their placement in a room, they are often stomped with muddy shoes and are splashed with spilled-over liquid and food. Carpets are magnets for pollutants such as pet dander, dust, and grime. Over time, they become infested with germs and debris.

To ensure a hygienic carpet, it is important to clean it every now and then. Taking proper care of the carpet will sustain its luster and increase its life. A proper cleaning regimen for carpets comprises of the right vacuum techniques and some hacks for removing stains and odors. We bring to you the best carpet cleaning regimen that is tried and tested by the pros.

Pick a Vacuum That Matches Your Requirements

  • There are different types of vacuums present in the market. They are big, small, manual, and smart. These vacuums have different functionalities and are intended for some specific uses. Pick a vacuum that matches your requirement. For e.g. if you have pets and they shed a lot of dander, then pick a vacuum that comes with a hose and has numerous attachments. Likewise, if you have carpeted stairs, pick a vacuum that comes with stair-cleaning attachments.

Don’t buy a vacuum based on price and shiny new features. Rather go for one that meets your needs. Also, don’t forget to empty the canister or vacuum bag every now and then. Examine your vacuum for any choked hoses and change the vacuum filter when it turns grey due to the accumulation of dirt and debris. Treating your vacuum the right way will sustain it for a long time.

Get Rid of Stains Instantly

  • New carpets are usually made of semi-water-resistant material. This enables them to hold off the trickling down of the liquid for a while. The best way to deal with a liquid spillover is to blot it with a clean and dry microfiber cloth straight away. The liquid will be absorbed in the towel and will not leave a stain on the carpet.

Do not rub at the liquid as it will set the stain. In case blotting alone does not remove the liquid and a stain sets in, then use a stain remover that is specifically manufactured to remove carpet stains. When you buy the market-manufactured stain remover, it is wise to do a patch test before testing its colorfastness and its reaction with the carpet fibers.

  • Place a small quantity of carpet cleaner on a clean cloth and put it on an area of the carpet that is not commonly seen. After an hour or so, remove the cloth and blot the test area with a dry white cloth. If you see any color on the cloth, it means the carpet cleaner has caused the dye to leach out. Using such a cleaner can cause your carpet to fade. Opt for a carpet cleaner that guarantees 100% colorfastness.

Combat Carpet Odors with Baking Soda

Over time, carpets begin to smell. The odors can be treated with a common kitchen material i.e. the baking soda. Sprinkle some soda onto the carpets where they are smelling. Let it stay for 15 minutes. After that, use a vacuum to remove the soda. Baking soda has an intrinsic property to absorb odors. Do not mix it with water as it can be quite caustic and damage the carpet.

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