Heres how deep cleaning house works according to experts

We can’t believe it! A whole year has passed, and Christmas is around the corner. It’s a precious holiday that is all about spending time with your loved ones and much more!

Did you resolve last year to stay clean and organized? We’re sure most people didn’t hold up to their own words, and now they have some deep cleaning to do. This month piles a lot of stress because we ignored spots in our home that needed a good wipe down.

Now that Christmas is near and dinner invites have been sent out, our homes require much more attention. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and the guest bathroom, to the entryway tiles, everything needs to be looked after.

Whether big or small, keeping a home clean may seem very intimidating. But if you take it one step at a time, it will all be done in no time. Then you can throw on some jammies, cuddle up next to your loved ones in a cozy blanket and enjoy your favorite family with some popcorn—all of that, minus the stress. Ready? Let’s get into it.

The Entryway

  • Wondering why you need to clean your entryway? It’s an easy answer. Your family and friends stomp in and out of your home throughout the year, which results in dirty, dusty, and muddy entryways.

The mud and junk from everyone’s shoes can quickly accumulate within the cracks, crevices, and grout. Aside from that, the carpet must also be cleaned from all that foot traffic. A simple sweep and mop are not enough for the holidays.

  • You need to clean the tiles of your entryway, mudroom, or foyer to build a more welcoming environment for you and your loved ones on Christmas dinner. Moreover, a clean entry will also be a sight for sore eyes all year. It helps reduce stress in the mornings when you leave for work or groceries, and deep-cleaning twice a year is essential.

The Guest Bathroom

  • The past couple of years hasn’t been entirely guest-friendly. We assume you haven’t had the time or even thought of cleaning up your guest bathroom if it hasn’t been used. From the sink to the toilet, the shower, the tub, and especially the grout all need a deep clean.

Now that may sound like a lot, but it isn’t. You can grab your favorite bathroom cleaner and clean your sink and toilet. Then move on to the shower and tub, and grab a cleaner for that as well. Afterward, you can do your tiles by grabbing a grout brush, cleanser, and some elbow grease to help those tiles look brand-new.

The Kitchen

  • This is where all the fun happens, the night before Christmas and on Christmas day. You could be cooking some juicy beef steak with a side of melt-in-the-mouth mashed potatoes or baking some late-night box cookies.

Whatever it is, you need to keep that kitchen clean and everything in its place to work better on holiday. You can start by cleaning and organizing your fridge and pantry. Moving forward, do all the dishes, the stove, oven, and countertops. Finally, make sure you deep-clean your tile grout.

The Fireplace

  • deep cleaning houseWe are still hoping Santa will bring us gifts, aren’t we? Hence, cleaning the fireplace is also essential. It’s the part of the house where all your loved ones gather at the end of the day and sip on their wine or enjoy their milk and cookies.

If the fireplace tiles look dirty, they won’t give that pleasant and cozy feel. You may even need to apply a seal to the grout so it doesn’t look dingy.

Sounds like too much? You can even hire your favorite grout-cleaning professionals for your work! And you wouldn’t have to end up with a backache on Christmas. If you are in Las Vegas, contact Love Your Carpets today. Call +1 702-898-6070.

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