Learn the proven ways to maintain carpets during winters

Having a carpet maintenance plan in place year-round is crucial, not just during the winter. However, some seasons require more attention than others. Carpets can take a battering from the rain, snow, filth, and debris that enters the house throughout the winter months.

Half the battle in maintaining clean carpets is making a sound strategy for daily, interim, and deep cleaning, but the other half is finding time to clean it. Take care of your carpets this winter with these five simple tricks.

Protect Carpets with Mats

  • The salt, slush, and mud you track in on your boots may leave stains and promote mold growth. Get yourself a nice set of doormats.

Using entrance mats is the first defense against dirt being tracked into the house. If you want to prevent water and dirt from spreading through your home, invest in high-quality mats. The use of indoor and outdoor mats should be separated.

  • A scraper-style mat that individuals routinely clean their feet on is another viable alternative for outdoor use. Once inside, use a mat made entirely of textiles to collect any stray dirt and dampness.

Vacuum Regularly and Often

  • Due to the increased dry air and the lack of ventilation in most homes, dust mites and mold spores flourish throughout the winter.

Don’t let too much time pass between vacuuming, or the dirt and debris will become more profound in the carpet fibers. So, make it a practice to vacuum at least twice a week throughout the colder months. You’d need to vacuum rooms that experience a lot of foot traffic daily.

Clean the Outsides

  • One of the most effective ways to prevent dirt and filth from being tracked inside your home is to keep the outside of your property clean and well-maintained at all times.

It is important to sweep the pavement and walkways that lead up to the front door daily to avoid the accumulation of mud, moss, and algae on these surfaces.

  • This eliminates any potential trip hazards that may have been there and keeps muck from being tracked inside.

When Cleaning, be Careful of Moisture

  • If you decide to shampoo the carpet during the winter, the moisture level in the carpet must be checked carefully. In the winter, when you cannot open the windows, drying a carpet could take a long time, contributing to mold development.

Repeating the process of going over the carpet with your home cleaner will allow you to get the most out of its suction capabilities. While the carpet is drying, increasing ventilation by turning on the ceiling fans can help.

Change Your Air Filter

  • maintain carpets during wintersThe benefits of monthly filter changes for your heating system are not limited to the appliance itself; your carpet will also benefit from it. There will be less dust and other debris blasted through the ducts and deposited on the carpet, thanks to the new filter’s improved efficiency.

When you’re diligent about changing your filter, you should notice less dust build-up in your vacuum.

Final Words

If you have a hard time maintaining a clean carpet during winter, we highly recommend taking the help of a professional carpet cleaning in winters. Sometimes asking for help is preferable to address the matter on your own.

Hire our best and most knowledgeable expert team to give your carpets a fresh look. Since 1996, Love Your Carpets has provided carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Las Vegas. Call us right away for a free consultation at 702-898-6070.

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