5 expert tips to extend the life of tiles and how to keep them looking new

Besides attention and care, your tile floor only requires a little from you. Contrary to wood flooring, tiles are low maintenance. With regular cleaning, you can extend the life of your tiles and keep them looking gorgeous for longer. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Follow The Cleaning Routine

  • Over time the floors gather dirt and succumb to scratches, especially when left unaddressed. From dirty feet to accidental spills, daily living creates messes that need cleaning from the entrance to the backdoor. To keep your tile floor looking good, clean the dirt, grime, and stains as they happen.

Use surface vacuum cleaning to clean your floor and refresh its look. Next, run a dust mop across the floor to clean dust particles daily. In addition, a solution of mild detergent and water works well to clean up spills and stains. Finally, use a damp cloth or soft bristle brush to scrub off the stubborn stains from the floor’s surface.

Schedule Deep Cleaning

  • Schedule a deep floor cleaning every few months. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire professionals to take care of the job, deep cleaning ensures your floor remains in tip-top shape for years. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft bristle brush to clean between the tiles. Abrasive cleaners can scratch the tiles and damage the protective glaze or coating applied during the installation.

Pay particular attention to the grout cleaning. For thorough stain-free cleaning, use a vinegar and water solution. Alternatively, you can buy non-abrasive floor cleaners from the local flooring store. Avoid using cleaners that contain bleach, ammonia, or other scouring agents. This practice will protect your tiles and make them last longer.

Use Cushy Furniture Pads

  • Sliding furniture on the floor inflicts severe damage to the tiles and grout. In addition, the friction leaves unsightly scratches that cannot be removed or masked. One way to prevent this is to add cushy feet pads under all your furniture items or avoid sliding them altogether. Furniture pads are readily available in square and round types from any hardware store.

Place Area Rugs

  • Another way to extend the life of your tiles is to lay area rugs in high-traffic areas. Floors take all the beating in hallways, kitchens, living rooms, and other areas. Placing rugs or door mats can alleviate the stress on your tiles. Moreover, you can add a rug pad below the floor coverings to protect your tiles from scratches further.

Reseal The Grout

  • extend the life of tilesRegular maintenance and upkeep can protect your tiles and extend their life. However, proactively sealing your grout further enhances the durability of the tiled floor. Grout sealant is crucial to prevent its deterioration. While sealant may be applied during tile installation, it is not permanent and needs reapplication after a few months. A sealant protects the tiles from natural deterioration and scratches and keeps them looking vibrant.

In addition, a sealant prevents the absorption of stains and restricts the growth of mildew or bacteria in undetected cracks. In high-traffic areas, tiles and grout are particularly prone to wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential to annually reseal or recoat the tiles and grout to enhance their longevity. Consult a professional tile and grout company to learn more about your tile and grout maintenance.

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