Learn 3 benefits of hot water extraction for carpet in the safest way

Carpets are one of the hardest things to clean and yet are some of the most frequently cleaned items in a home. There are many ways to clean a carpet, but it is important to choose ways that protect its fibers, colors, and finish.

Most people prefer to have carpets cleaned by professionals since doing it at home is a cumbersome task. However, many common carpet cleaning practices are actually outdated and harmful. One of the safest ways to clean your carpet is to use hot water extraction.

What is Hot Water Extraction Method?

The hot water extraction method is a modern way of cleaning carpets that uses steam to dislodge debris or dirt from the carpet. The steam or hot water makes it easier for the dirt or other particles to be dissolved and then removed. It is less invasive, protects the carpet’s fibers, and takes less effort.

How Does The Hot Water Extraction Method Work

  • This method works by using a machine that blows high-pressure steam and hot water onto the carpet. The combined action dislodges the particles stuck in the carpet and helps clean it. There is also a liquid cleaner that can be injected onto stains to help remove them.

Overall, the high-pressure, high-temperature steam does the cleaning and the mess is cleaned by a high-power vacuum. This makes it easy for many companies to perform hot water extraction in-house without having to make the owner remove the carpet. It is a quick and efficient method that makes cleaning carpets easier and promotes longevity.

  • Unlike most carpet cleaning techniques, this method reduces the drying time by a considerable amount. It also doesn’t require any corrosive scrubbing or use of strong detergents.

Reasons To Use Hot Water Extraction To Clean Carpets

Hot water extraction has become one of the most preferred methods of carpet cleaning by domestic and commercial clients alike. The top three reasons to opt for this carpet cleaning service are:

It Is An Environment-Friendly Service

  • The process of hot water extraction is an environment-friendly service because it does not make use of toxic chemicals and detergents. Furthermore, it only uses a small amount of water and biodegradable detergents that make it easier to break down. These detergents are easily absorbed into the ground and are not harmful to plants either. Hence it does not contribute to water pollution and wastage of water.

It Provides Deep Cleaning Without Any Residue

hot water extraction for carpetUnlike most carpet cleaning techniques, hot water extraction does not leave any residue. All of the dirt and junk is removed from your carpet with a high level of accuracy. The high temperature of the steam kills most germs and bacteria growing in the carpet as well. It has an efficiency rate of 99% and is extremely good at removing stains. Moreover, once the cleaning is done, there will be no sticky residue of the detergent once it dries.

It Has a Quicker Service and Drying Time

  • Cleaning the carpet using hot water extraction takes a matter of minutes depending on the size of the carpet. It is a fast process and doesn’t take up much time, which makes it perfect for single-day cleaning. Another key advantage is that since most of the water and steam is sucked in by the vacuum, the carpet only takes under a few hours to dry. This makes it convenient for the homeowners as they can get things back to normal faster.

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