Here is the complete guide on how to pack carpets when moving houses

When it comes to moving, one of the most important things to pay attention to is your carpet. Carpets can seem tough and durable but being folded and packed during moving can do a lot of damage to them. With our comprehensive guide on how to pack carpets when moving houses, you can easily keep your carpet safe and ready to spread again.

Step-by-Step Guide To Pack A Carpet

  • Follow these steps to make sure your carpet looks as good as new in your new home:

Clean Your Carpet

  • There is a debate on whether your should clean your carpet before or after moving houses. The answer is always to clean your carpet before moving.

Make sure you clean your carpet as thoroughly as possible. If water was involved in the cleaning process, your carpet needs to be completely dry before it can be packed for moving.

Get the Packing Materials

  • Packing materials for carpets are very inexpensive. Although you can roll a carpet on its own, a little preventive packing goes a long way. You would need rope to keep the rolled carpet closed and a protective wrap of either paper or plastic.

You will also need to invest in tape to hold everything together. Smaller carpets can easily be rolled and covered with cardboard for extra protection during the move.

Flip Your Carpet Over

  • Before rolling your carpet, you need to flip it over. Here’s where some extra cleaning comes in. You should preferably clean the flipped-over side with a vacuum since you will be rolling the carpet onto itself.

This will help your carpet maintain its shape and prevent the corners from rolling up once you open it. It also keeps the carpet fibers from being worn out.

Roll Your Carpet From the Shortest Side

  • Make sure your carpet is rolled from the shorter side as this will help you in carrying and placing it during the move. If your carpet is a square or any other shape then you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

For a firm roll, ask someone to help you so that the carpet is not rolled unevenly. You should apply pressure when rolling but just enough to keep the roll in place. Do not sit on the carpet or put any extreme pressure that may disfigure its shape.

Tie and Wrap Your Rolled Carpet Up

  • how to pack carpetsUsing a string or rope, tie your carpet roll so that it does not loosen or open. You should tie it in three places for a secure move. Tie it from the center and at each end.

Make sure the knot is easy to open yet tight enough that it doesn’t slide off. For extra prevention, you can wrap the carpet up in plastic or paper held together with tape. Cardboard is a good option for smaller carpets as well.

Place the Carpet on Top of Furniture

  • When placing your carpet for the move, you should ideally put it where there is no pressure on it. That means you cannot keep any boxes or furniture on top of it.

However, when putting it on top of furniture, make sure it doesn’t bend. Standard carpets usually fit in the backseat of family cars or can be kept standing against a corner in moving trucks to save space.

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