Read on to learn the reason why is your carpet making you sick

In most cases, cleaning carpets by yourself isn’t enough to remove all the mold, dust, dander, and pet hair that has settled in. When airborne, these particles can cause various health issues for you and your family members. If you have been getting sick frequently, then look at these five telltale signs to know if your home carpeting is making you sick.

Suspicious Odours

  • Every time you return to your house and notice a suspicious odor, it is a sign that your home carpet has accumulated lots of dust and debris and needs a thorough cleaning. The main reason for odors is condensation. This condensation might be within or underneath your carpet. So despite the carpet seeming dry, tiny droplets of moisture might be present.

These droplets of moisture promote the growth of mold and spread bacteria. They also cause a musty odor in your home. This moisture comes from the hot moist air that enters your home whenever you open a window or a door. It is difficult to remove the trapped moisture by yourself. Therefore, you should seek help from a professional carpet cleaning company.

Breathing Issues

  • Carpet fibers can trap dust, mold particles, hair, and dirt. Unfortunately, a vacuum cleaner isn’t enough to remove everything from your carpet. While some of it hardens in your carpet, the rest can be dislodged and become airborne. When a person breathes in air polluted by these particles, it can result in a range of respiratory and breathing issues.

If someone in your home has asthma, they will be most sensitive to this contaminated air. This issue will persist unless the carpets aren’t professionally cleaned or replaced. In most cases, asthmatic people’s breathing will become worse.


  • Mold and dust particles from the carpet can also trigger allergies. While some people can live their day-day routine normally, most will notice their allergies acting up. When these particles are breathed in, they can cause lung inflammation. This results in coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and itching of the throat.

The allergy symptoms can be minimized by using a medication. However, this is not a permanent solution. The best solution for such a problem is to purchase a vacuum cleaner with special attachments. These attachments will help you professionally clean your carpet from all such particles.

Irritated Skin & Skin Infections

  • If your carpet is dirty or has mold and dust particles, it can cause a variety of skin infections. These include athlete’s foot, eczema, itchy skin, and rashes. The main cause of such skin problems as dust mites that are extremely difficult to remove.

By hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, you can rest assured that your carpets are going to be cleaned effectively. It is recommended to hire such a company at least twice a year.

Frequent Illnesses

  • is your carpet making you sickIf you and members of your household have been falling ill frequently, then it could be a sign of your home carpets needing a professional cleaning or replacement. Naturally, our bodies have a defense system called the immune system. The immune system works to protect our bodies from infections, germs, bacteria, and viruses.

If you are living in a dirty environment, or are continuously breathing in contaminated air, then your immune system starts working overtime. This means that it does not have enough time to regenerate its cells to ward off infections. As a result, your immune system is compromised, and your health suffers. You will experience frequent illnesses, that take too long to recover.

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