carpet cleaning toolsIncrease the longevity of your carpet with these advanced carpet cleaning tools

Carpets are made of high-density fibers. The fibers carry a positive charge and attract dust particles. As a result, layers of dust, debris, and grit get accumulated inside the carpets. Carpets absorb stains and odors and can become a breeding ground for microbes if not cleaned from time to time.

Professional carpet cleaning is important to keep the carpets free from all contaminants and to maintain their polished looks. To get the best results, a professional carpet cleaning toolkit should contain the following equipment:

Vacuum Cleaner

It is one of the primary tools for cleaning a carpet. The suction mechanism draws in dust particles and other contaminants. An ideal vacuum cleaner should have the following features:

  • It should be lightweight so it can be easily carried across multiple locations.
  • It should come with a HEPA-microfilter system. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter ensures that even the finest dust particles, pollen, and pet dander are captured and the ambient air remains free of particulate matter.
  • It should have a motorized brush attachment. This attachment ensures that carpets are deeply and thoroughly cleaned.

Carpet Cleaner

These are powerful and high-end machines that remove embedded dirt, grit, stains, odors, and bacteria. They are more powerful compared to vacuum cleaners and are used for a more thorough cleaning session. They come in two variants:

  • Dry carpet cleaners
  • Steam cleaners

Carpet cleaners require specially formulated detergents. Their activated particles have a deep cleansing mechanism that works to remove contaminants from the root to the tip.


  • Carpet cleaner detergents can produce a lot of foam that damages the equipment and delays the drying time of the carpets, making it an ideal breeding ground for microbes. Defoamers are used for getting rid of excess foam quickly. They are made from a combination of diluted oils or silicone that cut through the foam.

Stain Remover

These are highly-concentrated solutions that are used for treating stains and spots. Stain removers are also known as spot treating solutions. Stains are formed on the carpet due to the spillover of different solids or liquids. Stains can be of different types i.e. organic, oil, or water-based.

  • Different types of stain removers with varying chemical compositions are available in the market. A professional carpet cleaning toolkit should contain several of these products. However, care should be taken that stain removers should be free from corrosive chemicals.

Air Scrubber

These are air filtration systems that suck in tiny airborne particles and stinks after the carpet cleaning session is over. Air scrubbers are portable devices that purify the ambient air from contaminants that are released from the carpets during the carpet cleaning session. By using air scrubbers, the air quality of the room is improved and health hazards can be avoided.

  • Air scrubbers are an important accessory of the professional carpet cleaning toolkit.

Carpet Rake

A carpet rake’s function is the same as an ice rake. Its bristles go deep into the carpet’s fibers and scrape them. This mechanical action loosens up stuck-up debris, dirt, pet dander, and other contaminants. They are then sucked in by a powerful vacuum cleaner.

  • The scraping actions also primes the carpet and allows the fibers to absorb carpet cleaning solutions quickly. Most carpet rakes are made from rubber or silicone materials and come with an adjustable hand that allows easy maneuvering of the rake.

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