Here is a list of numerous methods and practical advice to prevent pets from ruining carpets

When it comes to keeping your carpets safe and in good condition, the biggest challenge you will face is from pets. Most pets like to chew or scratch carpets as a way of soothing their anxiety or just because they are bored. Sometimes your pets may have big nails that naturally get caught in the carpet loops. However, there are many things that you can do to ensure your pets and carpets coexist in peace.

Buying Carpets For A Home With Pets

  • Sometimes, prevention is the best line of action. If you are looking to buy carpets for a house with pets in it, you may wish to have a short looped carpet that has a rigid structure. Similarly, synthetic fibers would be easier to clean and you might not want to invest in something too expensive unless you have faith that your pets have been trained well.

Tips To Keep Your Carpet Safe From Pets

  • The best tips to keep your carpet safe from pets are often a combination of training your pet and making sure you have the necessary means to prevent any accidents. Some things that you can consider doing are as follows:

Discourage Chewing Of The Carpet

  • If your pet has a habit of chewing the edges of the carpet, then it won’t last you long. The sharp teeth of pets can easily damage fibers as well as tear the carpet in some areas. To discourage this behavior, chide and discourage your pet when you see them acting this way. You may also use anti-chew sprays that make sure that your pet stays away from the carpet.

Trim Your Pet’s Nails

  • Your pet’s nails can get stuck in the loops and fibers of the carpet even when it is minding its business. Some pets tend to scratch or claw at the carpet which can cause severe damage. Properly trimmed nails can save you from having to replace your carpet often. It also makes the pets safer to be around in general.

Make Sure To Clean Your Pet’s Paws

  • Most of the dirt, germs, and bacteria introduced to a carpet are through feet and paws. Although you may wear slippers and change shoes in and out of the house, your pet does not. This is why you need to make sure you clean your pet’s paws regularly so that minimal material is transported into the carpet.

Invest In Quality Cleaning Products

  • prevent pets from ruining carpetsQuality cleaning products are very important if you are trying to keep your pet from ruining your carpets. If your pet stains the carpet because of an accident, you would need to use good stain and scent removers to clean the area. This will prevent your pet from using the same spot again. Make sure your products do not damage carpet fiber or bleach the color.

Consider Buying Doormats

  • Doormats make a great addition to your home and protect your carpet from damage pets may inflict. They are usually very helpful in soaking pet paws and keeping mud off the floor. It can also reduce the bacteria that will be transferred onto the carpet. Doormats help reduce the amount of effort you have to put into cleaning your pets.

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