Discover how to prevent your tiles from turning yellow: find out the essential tips for long-lasting tiles

Well-maintained tiles spruce up your home’s look and give it a clean appearance. However, frequent spills, poor-quality cleaning products, and improper maintenance can make your tiles look dingy in time. This article highlights valuable tips to keep your tiles white and prevent them from turning yellow.

Use High-Quality Cleaning Supplies

  • Poor-quality cleaning supplies can make your white tiles turn yellow over time. In addition, the use of abrasive cleaners can further damage their surface and cause your grout to become discolored. To keep your tiles in good condition, it is advisable to avoid using abrasive cleaners such as bleach. Before purchasing a floor cleaner, do thorough research to ensure you are purchasing the right one.

Use a grout-specific cleaner to ensure the durability of your grout. The safest and most effective cleaning solution is a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Dilute the mixture before use. Use proper cleaning supplies and clean them after every use. Using a fresh rag every so often also helps keep your tiles looking white. If you think your grout cannot be cleaned at home, call a professional tile and grout cleaning company to do the job for you.

Check The Iron Levels Of The Water Used For Cleaning

  • Cleaning water with high iron levels can also lead to yellowing floor tiles. If you are unsure why your tiles are turning yellow despite trying everything, get your home’s water supply tested. In addition, installing a water filter can help resolve the problem by lowering the iron levels in your water. Most filtration systems are small enough to fit on a showerhead.

External Factors Can Make Your Tiles Yellow

  • External factors such as dyes and abrasive chemicals can make your tiles yellow. In addition, watch out for soaps, shampoos, body washes, and other body care items that splash onto the grout and can change its color.

Also, avoid contact with hairspray, cigarettes, and other harmful products. Instead, consider buying tile-friendly products to protect your grout and increase the lifespan of your tiles. Alternatively, consult a tile and grout cleaning company for more information about tile care.

Use Sealants For Prevention

  • Another handy tip to prevent your tiles from turning yellow is the application of a sealant. Sealants protect your tiles from damage while preventing them from turning yellow. However, even with the proper sealant, you will need to have your tiles professionally cleaned once in a while. Experts use special techniques to kill mold and debris that could cause the yellowing of the tiles.

Clean Between The Grout

A good old-fashioned cleaning goes a long way in protecting the color and shine of your tiles. Follow these steps for thorough cleaning of your tiles and grout.

  • A pro tip is to scrape off the debris and detergent residue from your grout with the help of a safety razor.
  • In the next step, spray a non-bleaching degreaser.
  • Once you have applied the degreaser, wear safety gloves, and scrub your tiles with a sponge.
  • Use hot water and clean the entire surface with horizontal and vertical motions.
  • Finally, rinse the floor with warm water, and you are done.

When To Call A Professional

  • prevent your tiles from turning yellowCall the pros if your tiles are already yellow and none of the cleaning methods give you the desired result. Hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service is the best way to restore the color and shine of your tiles.

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