Read on to find out how to remove smell from your carpet and upholstery effectively – DIY

A urine-stained carpet or upholstery is not an uncommon sight for most pet owners. Some pet owners have gotten used to this ordeal, and know how to deal with it effectively. In most cases, especially if the stain is fresh there is no need to hire a professional. You can DIY and save your money. In this article, learn some amazing and effective methods to clean pet urine and smell from your carpets and upholstery.

DIY Cleaning Solution

  • One of the cheapest and most effective solutions for removing all types of carpet stains is the DIY cleaning solution. This solution is known to be highly effective against stubborn stains, including pet urine. To make this solution, simply take 1 quart of warm water and mix it with half a cup of vinegar.

The first step is to take a clean cloth and dab it on the urine stain. You should dab as much as you can so that it becomes easier to clean with the solution. Now take the solution in a spray bottle, and spray profusely on the stain. It is advisable to wait for a few minutes after spraying.

  • This will allow the vinegar to soak in, and help not only eliminate the stain but also the smell. Now take a dry towel or a microfiber cloth. Gently use it to dry the stain spot on the carpet. Take caution as rubbing the towel on the stain spot might make the carpet absorb any leftover stains. Repeat this process if required and you’ll see the stain disappear. This solution is highly recommended by most carpet cleaning service providers.

Enzyme Solution

  • The DIY cleaning solution is best for stains that are new. If your carpet has old stains, then you should consider using an enzyme solution. These are widely available across all major cleaning and hardware stores.

The enzyme solution helps break down the uric acid in pet urine. This aids in removing not only the stain but also the smell. Spray the enzyme solution on the stain spot. After some minutes you will notice the stain getting lighter. There is no need to dab the stain spot with a cloth.

Use Baking Soda

  • Sometimes people complain that although they successfully removed the stain from their carpet, it still smells like urine. This is a common complaint among households and has a very easy fix.

remove smell from your carpetTake a few teaspoons of baking soda and add them on top of the stain spot on the carpet. Now gently rub it with a clean cloth. After 15 minutes, you can use a vacuum cleaner on your carpet and you’ll notice that it no longer smells like urine. Some vacuum cleaners have special attachments that help you vacuum quicker and better.

Hire A Professional

  • If you’ve tried all of the above methods and are still left with a stubborn stain or its smell, then it is time to call in the professionals. A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service will have specialized equipment at its disposal.

In addition to their experience, they also know how to safely remove stubborn stains without damaging the fabric. If they work on-site, then you can have a clean carpet in less than 30 minutes.

  • If you are worried about stubborn stains on your carpet, then get in touch with Love Your Carpet today. We are a highly qualified team of carpet cleaning professionals who can help you remove all sorts of stains from your carpets. We have been working in Las Vegas since 1996. Call us today at 702-898-6070 for a free quote.

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