For tough carpet stains, follow our guide and get rid of them during the Halloween season

In continuation with our previous discussion, let us take a look at how to get rid of the toughest carpet stains.

5) Stains Caused by Pets

Even the most well-trained pets can create a mess sometimes. Having pet urine and defecation at different spots around the house is not only unhygienic, but they leave deep-rooted stains on carpets. The following tips will help prevent these stains from becoming permanent:

  • For physical mess, remove the solid mass as soon as you spot it. For urine, blot it out with a dry cloth. Repeat the blotting procedure multiple times till all the liquid is drained from the carpet.
  • After removing the mess, it is important to sanitize the area to get rid of germs and odors. Don’t use an ammonia-based cleaner for clearing your dog’s urine. It is due to the fact that dog pee contains ammonia and if they smell it on the carpet, they will be tempted to pee there again.
  • Instead, prepare a vinegar solution by mixing equal levels of vinegar and lukewarm water. Spray it around the stain. This will help lighten the stain and get rid of the foul smell. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then blot it a couple of times.
  • When the mixture dries, sprinkle baking soda over the stain and let it stay for 24 hours. Vacuum afterward.

6) Gum and Wax

Gum and wax don’t leave stains on the carpet, rather they leave physical remains because they are extremely hard to get rid of. Removing gum or wax from the carpet without damaging the carpet fibers requires special skills. To remove gum, do the following:

  • For easy removal, freeze the gum or wax. Solidified gum is easier to remove with a blunt object such as a butter knife or spoon.
  • After removing the gum, vacuum the area so the remaining shreds of wax or gum can be removed before they melt and become soft.
  • Pat the area with a moist cloth.
  • To remove any residual stains, prepare a mixture of water and detergent. In 32 ounces of water, add half a teaspoon of mild and non-bleach detergent. Shake the bottle well to dissolve the detergent.
  • Spray it over the spot and let it sink for 10 minutes. Blot and dry afterward.

7) Kool-Aid Stains

tough carpet stainsKool-Aid is a popular brand of flavored milk. It comes in different flavors and contains edible food colors. Kool-aid spillover leaves permanent and nasty stains on the carpet. However, with the use of proper tools and chemicals, even the toughest stains can be removed from carpets. To remove kool-aid stains, do the following:

  • Blotting is the first step to removing any liquid spillover. Blotting prevents the spread of the stain.
  • To remove the pigmented stain, prepare a mixture of white ¼ cup of white vinegar, 1 tbsp of dish soap, and 2 cups of water and add it to a spray bottle.
  • Spray the stained area liberally and let the mixture sink in and settle for 5-10 minutes.
  • Blot the stained area with a clean, dry towel. Perform this step multiple times till most of the moisturizer is removed and the stain is extracted out.

Home remedies are a quick fix for removing tough stains. However, they have their limits. To keep your carpet sparkling clean, it is important to get it cleaned professionally twice a year. Love Your Carpets provides professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas and nearby areas. Call us at 702-898-6070 to get a free estimate of our services.

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