Before going to buy a new carpet read below different types of carpet piles and their characteristics for a better understanding

There are many different types of carpets. They are classified on the basis of the material they are made from and how the fibers of that material are arranged. Knowing the different types of carpet piles is an important factor that helps you understand which ones to buy and which to avoid. Since they have different characteristics, the texture and softness of these carpets vary from one another.

Different Types Of Carpet Piles

Although there are many different types of carpets, the most common carpet piles are:

Loop pile carpets

  • Loop pile carpets have fibers arranged in the form of loops. The loops are often made of yarn and single-level pile carpets have even textures since all the loops are of the same height. Multi-Level loop pile carpets have uneven textures and feel scruffier. These carpets are great for people who love the feeling of soft yarn in their feet.

Berber loop pile carpets

  • Berber loop pile carpets are a type of tufted carpet and are the most popular choice in new homes. It’s made from the looped yard that is looped closer to the backing of the carpet and in a tighter sequence. These carpets hold their shape for longer and look new many months after being bought. In most cases, these carpets are in neutral tones with earthy flecks.

Bonded pile carpets

  • Bonded carpet piles are mostly seen in commercial and professional settings where the looped yarn is joined to the backing through an adhesive. The yarn does not penetrate the backing but is rather stuck in place. This makes the carpet very durable and doesn’t let the yarn move from its position.

Frieze carpets

  • Frieze carpets are made from a twisted pile of thick and curly yarn. They are held together by these twisted loops, creating a densely packed and soft carpet structure. Although it is soft, it holds its shape and reduces footmarks. It aids in soundproofing and insulating the house due to its ability to trap air.

Saxony pile carpets

  • Saxony pile carpets are made from straight fibers that are cut evenly to maintain a uniform length. It’s a very durable carpet that does not wear out with usage. However, due to its fibers, it shows footmarks and vacuum marks very easily. Hence it is not preferred for high-traffic areas of the house.

Twist pile carpets

  • Twisted carpets are unique and multipurpose. The yarn is twisted and then treated to heat to lock in the twists. These twists help make a carpet that holds its shape even in high-traffic areas. It has a textured finish that suits vibrant plain colors the most. It can add to the appeal of any room.

Tip sheared carpets

  • Tip sheared carpets are made with the yarn arranged in a manner of cut high loop tufts and uncut lower loop tufts. This makes the upper tufts to be a darker shade than the lower ones. It can help hide footprints and add to the evenness of the carpet.

Random sheared carpets

  • Random sheared carpets are just like tip sheared carpets, however, there is no proper sequencing to which tufts are cut and which are not. The texture looks similar to cut and loop style carpets and is mostly preferred for children’s bedrooms.

Velvet pile carpets

  • types of carpet pilesVelvet pile carpets are commonly referred to as velour or plush carpets and are extremely popular because of their luxury feel. The pile is usually cut even to give a smooth finish, but due to its softness, it can damage easily. Hence velvet carpets are mostly in low-traffic areas.

Shag pile carpets

  • Shag pile carpets are made from long piles that can be up to 50mm in length. They used to be very popular a few decades ago due to their soft feel and scruffy look. They provide great insulation for the winters and are perfect for play rugs for children.

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