Find out 5 warning signs when your upholstery needs cleaning

Comfort is the primary purpose of any furniture. But what if your sofas don’t feel as comfortable as they used to? When you sense that your upholstery is showing signs of being dirty and damaged and needs a good cleaning, you can no longer use your couches before thinking twice.

Unclean upholstery comes with a myriad of problems, from causing health issues to damaging your furniture forever. Unfortunately, vacuuming and a simple wipe-down may not do the trick for the dust they have accumulated for years.

So, what are the signs that your upholstery needs a deep clean right away?

Let’s find out.

A Horrible Stench

  • While many factors indicate dirty upholstery, foul odor is among the top ones. Pet odor, body odor, or regular dirt and grime can lead to a nasty-smelling sofa. Plus, there is no stopping those times when your cat pees on the sofa or when your kids spill a drink. Even if you tried to get it out as soon as possible, you couldn’t deep clean it.

Moreover, smelly furniture makes your home feel less homely. When you enter your home, you feel less invited. So, when your sofas start to smell, know it’s time to deep clean.

The Visible Stains

  • Food dropping, drink spillage, and other sources may cause visible stains on specific upholstery colors. There might also not be clear stains; instead, you would notice differences in shades or patching.

It is ideal to remove the stains immediately; otherwise, they get dried up and stay there forever. If you don’t want to throw out your coach, cleaning up the stains immediately sounds like a good idea.

Pet Hair and Dander

  • Pets and upholstery don’t go hand in hand. Your pet will choose your sofa as their comfort space and lounge there day and night. They will sit there, give themselves grooming, shed their fur, and make up a mess.

But you don’t want to leave your furry friends. However, sometimes the situation may get so bad that no amount of vacuuming and lint rolling can get the job done.

When Allergies Strike

  • Dust mites, allergens, and other airborne pollutants may become your worst nightmare. If you are noticing some allergic reaction and are not sure who the culprit may be, chances are it’s your upholstery.

With all the pollutant buildup, you may notice symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, or even itching. While vacuuming may remove some of the allergens, it might not eliminate them entirely. A deep upholstery cleaning is what you need to get rid of all those allergy-causing pollutants and help you feel better.

Dust and Dirt Built-up

  • upholstery needs cleaningDust and dirt not only make your upholstery unclean but also makes it appear worn out and cause permanent damage. If you want your furniture to look its best now and in the future, it’s best to get your upholstery cleaned regularly.

Since furniture requires regular reupholstering when it ages, keeping it clean can prolong its life.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, it’s time to pick up your phone and call a professional upholstery cleaning service if you have noticed any signs. Since sometimes your DIY projects aren’t enough.

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