Carpet cleaning experts near you reveal advanced vacuuming tips for deeper cleaning

Who would have thought that there is a proper way of Vacuuming your carpets? Adhering to this process will not only provide you with a better and thoroughly clean carpet but also increase the longevity of your carpets.

By following these tips approved by cleaning experts, you will be able to skip out on the second vacuum entirely as the first one will be more than enough to get you a complete clean. So without any further ado, let us learn how to vacuum properly.

Go Slow

  • To get a proper clean, the trick is to go slow. Start at a corner and push your cleaner forward keeping it as straight as possible. However, do this slowly as this movement is used to open up the fabric and expose the debris that has collected in between.

After you have extended the length of the carpet, pull it back to collect all the debris resting within the folds of the carpet. Repeat this process for the entirety of the carpet, however, overlap the previous strip by 50% when moving on to the next one for optimal results. This is why manned vacuums will always be superior to robot vacuums.

Choose The Right Vacuum

  • A specialist is only as good as the tools he is equipped with. This is why experts suggest that your cleaning process begins before you have even bought a cleaner. The reason behind it is that different cleaners perform different services that are used in different situations.

For example, a large hall might require you to have a wide-faced vacuum cleaner, while an enclosed office space can be cleaned better with a hip-mounted vacuum cleaner. So it is always suggested to scout out the area of use before you commit to a type of vacuum.

Prep Up Your Vacuum

  • We’re sure you never knew that there was prep to be done before you start vacuuming, but checking up on your recovery bags and filters before cleaning will save you almost 50% of the total time.

In the case of you vacuuming a carpeted area, your beater bar’s height should be adjusted in a way that the bristles only touch the tip of the fibers of the carpet, prying them open to expose the debris inside. Checking the filters will allow you to get rid of any clogs or tears that may become a bigger problem later on. Especially if you work in large areas.

Clean in Two Directions

  • vacuuming tipsIf you have read through the part where we ask you to go slowly and keep your vacuum as straight as possible, this is the part where you do the same thing all over again, but in a different direction, preferably cross-sectional to the original direction. If you clean the carpet again, and in a different direction, your chances of catching on to all the dust, grime, and debris increase manifold.

This might ask for you to put in an extra effort to get the job done. However, as you finish up the job, you’ll notice that the extra work was well worth it because the carpet has never looked cleaner.

Clean Your Machine

  • It sounds a little weird to clean the machine that is supposed to take care of the cleaning. However, your vacuum deserves a little love for all the work it does as well. This is why it is important that you empty out the canister before using the vacuum every time. Clean out the brushes and bristles of your vacuums to avoid grime from building on top of them, and check the filters at least once a month.

By giving your vacuum cleaner a little attention, you will ensure that it will always help you through your cleaning chores, and help you get done with your entire house in the blink of an eye.

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